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Serving as the westernmost border frontier of Thailand, Mae Sot is an ethnic and cultural crossroads town which encapsulates much of Asia.

Traders from India, Burma, Malaysia and China can be seen mingling and dealing with a wide selection of minority Thai groups. The Karen make up a large proportion of the minorities present, but you'll also see Hmong, Lisu and Musoe -- a Lahu sub-group. The colourful clothes worn by these folk give Mae Sot a truly vibrant feel -- couple the Asian fusion with the mish-mash of tourists and NGO workers and you've got what is arguably one of the most diverse communities in Thailand.

During the day, Mae Sot's central market street is a prime place to catch a glimpse of real society -- Burmese ladies with powdered faces, Indian boys cheekily begging, and hill tribes patiently selling their crops -- all come together to form a picturesque multicultural scene.

There is a heavy NGO presence in Mae Sot, primarily ... Read our complete Mae Sot travel guide

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