Under Cha-Am

Under Cha-Am

Under Cha-Am

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Taken on: 5th November, 2010. Copyright: All Rights Reserved - See travelrevolution /oodymovies's page of Flickr

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A bit of a beachside dump saved by its proximity to Bangkok, Cha-Am is a popular destination with Thai weekenders (and a scattering of foreigners). Fans argue its key charm lies in what it lacks, namely an over-developed tourist infrastructure and hordes of Western visitors. It also, however, lacks a decent beach -- something we'd suggest is handy to have for a beachside destination.

So if you've ever wondered what the locals do to get away from the daily grind of serving you drinks and trying to coax you into their tuk tuks, here's one of the answers -- the wage-slaves of Thailand save their baht and descend on Cha-am Beach once a year on weekends and holidays. They come in large, garishly colourful buses, throbbing with Thai pop music, and filled with vacationers who have been drinking and dancing since the moment they boarded. They can't afford to waste a minute, since some tours only budget half a day of actual beach time before everybody pours themselves back ... Read our complete Cha-am travel guide

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