Ao Chalong speedboats

Ao Chalong speedboats

Ao Chalong speedboats

Ao Chalong is a popular departure point for boat tours out of Phuket, including fishing trips. Coral Island and Ko Raya are tow of the more popular destinations.

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Many visitors find themselves briefly in Ao Chalong while they wait for a tour boat at the massive 720-metre long pier that juts out into the sea. The broad waters of Chalong Bay overflow with speedboats, ferries, longtails and moored yachts, with early morning and late afternoon seeing an uncomfortable amount of traffic as tour boats go to and from Coral, Raya and other nearby islands.

If you want to cut out the travel agency middle man, the pier at Ao Chalong is the place to hire a private boat for fishing or sightseeing trips off the south coast of Phuket. In high season from November to May, the large-scale Tigerline high-speed ferry, which stops at Phi Phi, Read our complete Ao Chalong travel guide

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