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About 20 years ago, whispers of an idyllic island far out in South Thailand's Andaman Sea began to surface within the international traveller community. Unlike the rest of Tarutao National Park's protected islands, development was possible on tiny Ko Lipe due to it being inhabited by the indigenous Chao Lay (literally "people of the sea") who retain ancestral rights to the island.

Within five years there were a handful of resorts popping up, and today Ko Lipe has become one of Thailand's premier tourism hotspots, boasting close to 50 resorts suited to all budgets. In high season Lipe is filled with a dizzying crowd of swimsuit-clad travellers who come for the picture-perfect whitesand beaches, renowned diving and snorkelling, nature-oriented daytrips to nearby islands, and relaxed yet lively atmosphere.

With far more foreigners roaming its beaches than locals, Ko ... Read our complete Ko Lipe travel guide

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