:ale and trees, Thale Ban National Park

:ale and trees, Thale Ban National Park

:ale and trees, Thale Ban National Park

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Located in the mountainous border area between Satun province and Malaysia, Thale Ban was declared Thailand's 20th national park in 1980.

The park has a number of waterfalls and caves, and the picturesque lake opposite park headquarters is a popular spot for picnics. Local folk stories say the lake appeared following an earthquake, and the remains of large trees found at the bottom of the lake suggest there might be some truth to these tales. Of the many forested limestone mountains in the park, Khao Gin is the highest at 756m.

Forest, meadow, and mangrove habitats are all found within the park's borders and support a variety of animal life. Macaques and squirrels are commonly seen, and Malayan tapirs, wild boars, gibbons, mouse deer and civet cats have been sighted. Thale Ban is very popular with birdwatchers, especially during the March and October migrations. Nearly 300 bird species, including eight types of hornbill, have been recorded ... Read our complete Thale Ban National Park travel guide

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