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The island of Ko Muk (also spelt Ko Mook and Ko Muuk) sits relatively close to the mainland between Ko Kradan and Ko Ngai. A quintessential white sand and turquoise water getaway it is not, but it is a good place to get a feel for Thai island village life, and there are some decent beaches and worthwhile daytrips on and around the island.

The island's largest beach, Ao Kham, stretches to the pier's east side before turning sharply to the south at Ko Muk's finest stretch of white sand, known as "The Wing". A traditional Thai beach village lies to the west of the pier, complete with rickety homes built on stilts over the water. It's not the cleanest spot, but a walk through the beach village provides a unique peek into a laidback island lifestlyle. Continuing to the east along the beach just past a couple lacklustre resorts lies Sabai Beach, which even in high ... Read our complete Ko Muk travel guide

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