Piyamit tunnels, Betong

Piyamit tunnels, Betong

Piyamit tunnels, Betong

The Piyamit tunnels are a little-known "attraction" just outside Betong in Yala province. Home to Malay communists they're well worth a wander and a crawl through.

Taken on: 15th June, 2005. Copyright: All Rights Reserved - See travelfishery's page of Flickr

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The furthermost point from Bangkok, Betong is often referred to as the 'town in the mist' as evidenced by the mist that tends to bathe Betong in the early morning, in Malay, Betong means 'bamboo' of which today, there is almost none as the town is largely a concrete egg-carton style place.

Set around 140 km from Yala, in a hilly district that borders with Malaysia, Betong is not a 'hill station' by any standard, though the nights here are cooler than elsewhere in the south. Almost completely surrounded by rubber plantations, Betong is a good place to see all the rubber being collected and trucked away.

Rubber and mist aside, Betong is famous for three other slightly more unusual reasons; firstly for its Siberian swallows (its easier for them to get here than you as they don't have to worry about the hairpin turns), hundreds of thousands of which migrate here every year to perch on the ... Read our complete Betong travel guide

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