Skull Hill, Kontum

Skull Hill, Kontum

Skull Hill, Kontum

Taken on: 30th July, 2005. Copyright: All Rights Reserved - See travelfishery's page of Flickr

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Remote Kon Tum province is the northernmost region of Vietnam's Central Highlands. Quite mountainous, it attracts relatively few travellers when compared to the far more touristed province of Lam Dong (home to Da Lat) further south. The provincial capital, Kon Tum town, sits on the bank of the Dakbla River and can be used as a base for forays into the surrounding countryside.

Kon Tum is a small town with the surrounding area dotted with montagnard villages. The surrounding area was the site of considerable fighting during the conflict with the Americans, and even now, decaying weapons and shells abound.

Kon Tum is known for its montagnard villages -- some of them are right on the edge of town, even within walking distance of your hotel. They received the lions share of tourists, and are well-accustomed to the routine of presenting dance and music ... Read our complete Kon Tum travel guide

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