"Haircut - Babers" - Hoi An - Vietnam

"Haircut - Babers" - Hoi An - Vietnam

"Haircut - Babers" - Hoi An - Vietnam

Included in the frame the "Baber", the photog and family !

Nikon D700

Taken on: 28th October, 2013. Copyright: All Rights Reserved - See waex99's page of Flickr

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Yellow houses draped in bougainvillea, shopfronts lit with a glow of silk lanterns, fisherpeople hauling up baskets of slippery fish from their boats -- life in old town Hoi An looks like a postcard of a classic Vietnamese riverside town. In 1999, the old town was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in an effort to preserve its core of historic architecture, a stunning mix of Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, and European styles. The listing gave Hoi An the resources and impetus to better protect and maintain its buildings, and to market itself as a tourist destination. It worked, and the town now attracts visitors by the droves.

The tourist trade is now Hoi An's bread and butter, and just about every business in town is geared to it. Restaurants offer menus of local specialties and American breakfasts, tailors offer suits made in less than 24 hours. It can easily feel like one giant showcase with little in the way of an independent life of its own. Yes, it's a big ... Read our complete Hoi An travel guide

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