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365.341/ Ha Long Bay Sunset IMG_5163-copy-2 365.185/ Ha Long Emotion 365.179/ Ha Long Bay 12A_00013 Halong Bay '13 - At the Break of Dawn Halong Bay '13 - A Wonder of the World 365.10/ Ha Long Bay Morning Halong-Bay-Vietnam-6891 Halong-Bay-Vietnam-6858-2 Halong-Bay-Vietnam-6707 Halong-Bay-Vietnam-6907 Halong-Bay-Vietnam-6898 Halong-Bay-Vietnam-6858 Halong-Bay-Vietnam-6851 Halong-Bay-Vietnam-6851-2 Spectacular view of Halong Bay Jade green water of Halong Bay. Vietnam Awesome, rite? Ride on this The view from our junk Floating village The Amazing Cave Junks The bay Floating village Great view The view again Sunset at Halong Bay, Vietnam ... between a rock and a hard place