Hon Chong, Vietnam

Hon Chong, Vietnam

Hon Chong, Vietnam

Crab scuttles.

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Squeezed onto the Cambodian border in a distant corner of Vietnam, Ha Tien is decidedly remote. The approach to town certainly helps to amplify its exotic atmosphere -- the agricultural bustle of the Mekong Delta seems to melt away to a lush landscape of rice paddies and buffalo wallows, the flatness punctuated by sudden limestone karsts.

The Khmer-style wat located just out of town only helps to emphasise the feeling that you're not really in Vietnam anymore -- a feeling that carries through to Ha Tien's dusty streets and languid riverfront. In some ways, it feels like other cities located further up the Mekong like Savannakhet in Laos, or Kratie in Cambodia.

Ha Tien was in fact part of Cambodia until 1708. It was founded with the permission of the Khmers by a Chinese ... Read our complete Ha Tien travel guide

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A cave near Hat Tien. A Vietnamese lady in Hat Tien. Hat Tien at sunrise. Hat Tien town. Hon Chong, Vietnam Hon Chong, Vietnam Hon Chong, Vietnam