PB300236 My Tho

PB300236 My Tho

PB300236 My Tho

Swimming fish farms on Mekong River. Read more about My Tho and the Mekong Delta: treasuresofvietnam.blogspot.com/2010/02/my-tho.html

Taken on: 30th November, 2009. Copyright: Attribution-NonCommercial License - See marhas1's page of Flickr

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Tien Giang province is the closest Mekong Delta province to Saigon and is a very popular destination for organised tours out of Saigon. The same-named provincial capital sits on the northern bank of the Mekong (Tien Giang) River and has a number of offshore islands that can be visited.

Unfortunately the local authorities have taken a somewhat uninspired view of tourism development here, meaning that unless you are willing to joing a larger tour, travelling around this part of the river independently is prohibitively expensive.

Most tours throughout Tien Giang province run in boats that seat 20-plus people and while such numbers bring costs down to a more reasonable level, the downside is you'll visit attractions en masse and be herded around. If you're interested in exploring riverine life, we'd suggest heading across the river to Ben Tre or further south to Read our complete My Tho travel guide

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