Ha Tinh carts on bikes

Ha Tinh carts on bikes

Ha Tinh carts on bikes

Taken on: 27th November, 2007. Copyright: All Rights Reserved - See travelfishery's page of Flickr

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Wedged between Quang Binh province to the south and Nghe An province to the north, Ha Tinh's best known feature is a road leading out of the province -- to Laos. It's through this province that snaking Route 8 leads to the Nam Phao / Cau Treo border crossing between Vietnam and Laos.

On the Lao side, the road links up with Lak Xao, continuing on eventually to the Mekong River, while on the Vietnamese side, Route 8 strikes west till it intersects with Highway 1 near Hong Linh and not all that far from Vinh -- the capital of Nghe An province to the north.

That most people don't even realise they're passing through Ha Tinh province says a lot about what the province has to offer -- we spent a couple of days hanging out here, and to be honest, ... Read our complete Ha Tinh travel guide

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