Oh my! Travel photographer Sam Antonio came to visit us at the Cat Cat Village in Sapa, Vietnam!

Oh my! Travel photographer Sam Antonio came to visit us at the Cat Cat Village in Sapa, Vietnam!

Oh my! Travel photographer Sam Antonio came to visit us at the Cat Cat Village in Sapa, Vietnam!

...Or maybe the little girl was in shock over the United States federal government shutdown.

Oh my!

Sapa is located in northwest Vietnam and is known for its stunning scenery, treks, homestays, the colorful dresses of the local hill tribe ethnic minorities and the aggressive sales tactics of local hill tribe ethnic minorities who wear colorful dresses.

As a photographer I found Sapa frustrating because every time I would ask a local if I could take their photo they would either demand money or I had to buy one of their souvenirs. In addition, whether I was walking down the street in downtown Sapa or trekking through the beautiful rice terraces, I was accompanied (i.e. stalked) by members of the Black H’mong tribe (i.e. Sapa’s #1 aggressive sales team) who were relentless with their standardized sales pitch.

After a couple of days of this I decided to have some fun.

I was hiking in the Black H’mong village of Cat Cat and started to descend a steep staircase when I saw the perfect candid moment of a group H’mong children who were approaching me. I took a photo and when I lowered my camera they extended their hand and said, “One dollar!”

“I’ll give you five!” I replied.

They all jumped for joy and then I extended my hand in the air and gave them all a high “five.”

I don’t think they were expecting that type of five.

Check back for more of my adventures in Vietnam!

Happy Travels!

Text and photo copyright by ©Sam Antonio Photography

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Taken on: 30th April, 2012. Copyright: All Rights Reserved - See Sam Antonio Photography's page of Flickr

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