Big mountains, Lai Chau, Vietnam

Big mountains, Lai Chau, Vietnam

Big mountains, Lai Chau, Vietnam

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The scenery of Lai Chau province is some of the most spectacular scenery you can see in the far northwest of Vietnam. There is plenty to amuse the eye on the journey from Lao Cai, from the striking limestone mountains which reach into the distance in misty shades of green and green, to the plentiful waterfalls and village life. On a clear day you can even spy some of the larger peaks rising from the Chinese side of the border. As it is off-limits to casual travel, the area around Lai Chau town is as close as you're likely to get to the Chinese frontier in this part of the country. The border crossing is not open to foreigners.

Unfortunately the surrounding vistas are characterised as much by brown dirt as they are green hills, as mountain slopes are scooped away to create flat land for future development.

Renamed from the original Tam Duong, the new Lai Chau town is a good place to break up the trip between Read our complete Lai Chau travel guide

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