Man with bicycle, Muong Lay, Vietnam

Man with bicycle, Muong Lay, Vietnam

Man with bicycle, Muong Lay, Vietnam

Taken on: 15th November, 2010. Copyright: All Rights Reserved - See travelfishery's page of Flickr

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The Muong Lay that used to be an idyllic village in a peaceful and stunning valley is unfortunately no more. Preparations for the impending reservoir, which will flood the valley, are well underway: new roads and bridges are being built, construction trucks are as common as motorbikes and only the Lan Anh hotel remains standing — partially — surrounded by rubble and half-demolished houses.

So now Muong Lay lies along Highway 12, a dusty town of wooden shacks with bare bulbs with a sleepy atmosphere — well, except for when the trucks rumble through.

Unfortunately the construction also affects the road from Lai Chau — it's an obstacle course across rough terrain and around steam rollers and digger trucks, mostly along the edge of a cliff. Not for the faint hearted. All but the sturdiest mountain bike and rider would best avoid it and even motorbikes will have a ... Read our complete Muong Lay travel guide

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