Scenery near Sinh Ho, Vietnam

Scenery near Sinh Ho, Vietnam

Scenery near Sinh Ho, Vietnam

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If you're headed between Lai Chau and Muong Lay, you have two options — the (relatively) flatter road leads through Phong To, but a more interesting and scenic route passes through the high mountain village of Sinh Ho, a kilometre above sea level. The entire road is now well-paved and easy to ride, and the winding ride up to the mountain top is a treat (unless you're on a bicycle).

It makes a lot more sense as a lunch stop than an overnight, but there is a decent hotel here if you want to spend the night. If you are eating lunch, you'll have to settle for the rather meagre pickings at the local rice joints. You might try the outdoor cafe/restaurant at the Thanh Binh Hotel, but budget a lot of time, as service is slow.

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