Hills in Nam'

Hills in Nam'

Hills in Nam'

- Sapa, Vietnam
Up in the hills of Sapa, locals can be seen working away collecting rice, tending animals, or maybe just carrying around bamboo baskets and wearing pointy hats for kicks. hmm, bad joke.

Well anyways, I was real excited to have had met a group of girls from the local H'mong tribe here in Sapa, Vietnam. They were real anxious to show me and my friends around the hills. 4 hours into our venture, I saw a couple working in the distance. This sort of seemed like the perfect epitome of Sapa. Massive rolling hills with rice paddies covering them, a few people here and there working about their daily routine, and... nothing else.


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Taken on: 22nd June, 2010. Copyright: Attribution License - See g_firkser's page of Flickr

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Choice views of the Muong Hoa valley and Mount Fansipan are the prime commodity on sale in Lao Cai's signature destination, Sapa, a hill station high in the mountains and a vestige of the French colonial era.

Sapa ranks along Ha Long Bay and Hoi An in terms of attracting tourists solely on the merit of its natural beauty and surrounding attractions. It's particularly rich in opportunities for treks, homestays and (on clear days) the kinds of panoramic views that leave travel writers searching for fresh adjectives and a larger camera memory card.

Mountaintop Sapa began life as a hilltop retreat for French colonialists desperate to escape the searing heat of the Vietnamese ... Read our complete Sapa travel guide

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