Captain of this Ship

Captain of this Ship

Captain of this Ship

Mui Ne is a resort town on the Vietnamese coast, located about half-way between Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh City. It’s famous for it’s favourable winds, which attract kite-boarders and windsurfers from around the globe. This photo is taken in the fishing harbour, situated near the town, but far enough away from the tourist resorts to give me a break from the crowds of Russian tourists who flock to Mui Ne. I love this photo. I presume the man standing in the raft was the captain. He seemed very proud and also a little curious, but seemed friendly enough and happy to have his photo taken.

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Taken on: 8th March, 2010. Copyright: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License - See Many Moon Honeymoon's page of Flickr

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One of southern Vietnam's prime slices of beach real estate, Mui Ne is a kilometres-long sweeping bay boasting a huge range of guesthouse and resort options, with the actual village set at the far northern end of the bay.

The accommodation and services scene, heavily influenced by its proximity to Saigon which is a mere four hours away, has developed rapidly in recent years and now offers some outstanding mid-range resort options, and while the options for budget travellers have dwindled somewhat, there are still some get budget haunts worth seeking out.

The beach itself is yellow sand with a semi-fine grain. While the central stretch of the beach through to the northern end is poorer quality and dominated by the fishing industry (ie there's a fair amount of refuse, netting, dead fish and other fishing paraphernalia), the southern stretch is better suited to swimming, sun-baking and deck-chair reclining. Obviously the bits of beach right out front of individual resorts ... Read our complete Mui Ne travel guide

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