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Travelfish.org accepts both direct and third-party advertising. All paid advertising is marked as nofollow (as per Google's suggested best practice) and, where appropriate, are marked as sponsored positions.

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Travelfish.org has active affiliate relationships with a number of providers including (but not restricted to) Agoda, HostelWorld, World Nomads, Amazon, Exotissimo and the affiliate marketplace Commission Junction. In all cases, all links to affiliates are marked nofollow. Where appropriate, pages may include disclosure on the specific page, but this is not always the case. This page is linked to from every page on the Travelfish.org site.

Paid placements
Travelfish.org does not run paid placements, advertorial, sponsored posts or any other form of placed content. All editorial content is written by Travelfish authors.

Comps and discounts
Travelfish authors and Travelfish.org does not accept any form of complimentary service, discount or other gratuity in return for any form of coverage. There are no exceptions to this.

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