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Chaung Tha

Nearly all of the hotels with a license to accept foreigners in Chaung Tha provide an included breakfast that consists of toast and eggs or fried rice. For those who prefer to eat out, several small restaurant stalls offer traditional Burmese culinary delights very cheaply.

Chaung Tha is known, however, for its seafood. Fresh red snapper, barracuda, prawns and crabs are available from many of the restaurants in town. For an amazing experience, try the garlic fried red snapper at the restaurant located inside of the Shwe Hin Tha Hotel. If you're looking to splurge on some lobster, the William Restaurant and Guesthouse offers it for 25,000 kyat – the cheapest in town. Both restaurants have cold beer, a rarity in this neck of the woods.

Beach vendors make their rounds up and down the beach selling seafood, fruit and various items. They tend to be shy towards foreigners and may not approach you at all unless you show interest, though we're told that they're a tad more outgoing during busy season. Several women carry around buckets of live colossal prawns. For 5,000 kyat they'll bring them back an hour later, grilled with garlic sauce and a side of rice. Additionally, the grilled fish and prawns on a stick are a steal at 1,000 kyat.

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