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Koh Kong

For a town of this size, Ko Kong has a reasonable choice of options for both eating and drinking.

  • The Crab Shack
    4 stars

    Delicious seafood on the beach

    Koh Yor Beach, near Ba Blong Village, Koh Kong

    Across the Koh Kong Bridge on Koh Yor beach is a small, family run restaurant serving up delicious fresh-caught seafood. ... read more

  • Riverside Khmer food stalls
    4 stars

    Cheap, delicious seafood

    Riverside, Koh Kong

    Every night come dusk half a dozen food stalls set up. Catering to a local crowd, their offerings are very similar to one another and offer good value for money. ... read more

  • Sunset Bar
    4 stars

    The name says it all

    Opposite Koh Kong Riverside Guesthouse

    Not only overlooking the water, but extending at least 40 meters over it, Sunset is a great place to drop by for a sunset drink or game of pool. ... read more

  • Cafe Laurent
    3.5 stars

    Upscale Koh Kong dining

    Riverside, next to Koh Kong City Hotel, Koh Kong
    T: (011) 590 168; (016) 373 737

    Built directly on the water, Cafe Laurent is an ideal place to while away a few hours or watch the sunset. ... read more

  • The Ice Cream Shop/Bob's
    3.5 stars

    The local hangout

    Riverside, near Street 7, Koh Kong town
    T: (016) 326 455

    The most popular place in town with local expats, the Ice Cream Shop is run by an Australian, Bob, and his Thai wife. ... read more

  • Baan Peakmai
    3.5 stars

    Excellent, inexpensive Thai food

    Street 3, at Street 6, Koh Kong town
    T: (088) 932 0333; (016) 943 112

    Koh Kong's main Thai restaurant, Baan Peakmai is a short walk from the traffic circle in downtown Koh Kong. ... read more

  • Paddy's Bamboo Pub
    3 stars

    Cute bamboo shack

    Road to Salakrong, Koh Kong city
    T: (015) 533 223

    Paddy's Bamboo Pub advertises “great foods, cold beer and cool music”. ... read more

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