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Most of the individual bays in the Amed area are scattered with places to eat and drink. But there are few truly noteworthy standalone options. Here are a few of the better ones.

  • Kemulan Warung
    4 stars

    Top views


    Just up the hill from Good Karma Bungalows is Kemulan Warung, which overlooks both the tiny bay of Selang and the sea in front of Lean. ... read more

  • Sails Restaurant
    4 stars

    Fancy with terrific views


    A fabulous, viewpoint location and an eclectic menu swings the deal at Sails Restaurant. This spot has quality written all over it and not just because of the inflated prices. ... read more

  • Warung Pantai
    4 stars

    Cool and breezy


    The cool and breezy pavilion overlooking the ocean at Warung Pantai is a stunning place to eat some great food. A great cheapy by the ocean. ... read more

  • Warung Shanti
    3.5 stars

    Polished, patchy WiFi


    You pay a little more at the polished Warung Shanti than you might at the warungs around the local area, but for the extra expense you get more. ... read more

  • Santai Restaurant
    3.5 stars

    A mid range option


    Santai Restaurant is attached to the Santai Hotel and has a Scandinavian man as its head chef. The large wine list features many imported wines that are pricey, but this is to be expected in Bali. ... read more

  • Warung Ayuk
    3.5 stars

    Roadside cheapie


    Plastic chairs and cobbled together wooden tables greet the customer at Warung Ayuk — a roadside shack in Amed. The small menu is based heavily on fish with most dishes around 25,000 rupiah, the cheaper side of average for Amed. ... read more

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