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Despite having a long beachfront that would be ideal for a bunch of cheap beachside eateries and bars, the food scene at Pemuteran is pretty thin on the ground.

Each of the larger hotels and guesthouses has their own restaurant but we found the menus, on a whole, to be pretty uninspired, with the bar situation being similarly lacklustre.

Off the beach, on the main (well only) road through Pemuteran you'll find a handful of small warung style eateries scattered along the way, but again it's fairly uninspired fare.

BUT, Pemuteran does have one saving grace on the food front and you'll find it on the beach side of the road at the far western end of town. Called Warung Cordon Bleu we ordered the ikan rica rica and, we kid you not, the gourmet offering that arrived was not only the best fish we had in Pemuteran, it was the best fish dish we've had in the entirety of Bali. Absolutely spectacular. The warung also has a collection of hand fashioned jewelry for sale so be sure to check that out to.

Warung Cordon Bleu — don't miss it!

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