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Eat and meet


In a bit of a surprising turn, Sidemen has quite a bit of Thai food on the menu. The story goes the chef (we're unsure if he's still "in residence") at Lihat Sawah did some training in Thailand and upon their return Thai cuisine came to Sidemen -- first to Lihat Sawah then, miraculously, right across town -- fancy that!

Now while there's a lot of Thai on the menus, it's not always available, and, outside of the confines of Lihat Sawah, it's not all that good. So by all means try the yam maklua in Lihat Sawat (it's smokin!) but elsewhere we'd stick with Indonesian.

Lihat Sawah has a second restaurant down on the road towards Surya Shanti. It enjoys far better views than the original and largely has the same menu. The views are fabulous and the staff are almost as cheeky as those at the hotel. Well worth a stop for a drink or a meal.

Further down the same road, you'll find on your left Sawah Indah Guesthouse and its attached restaurant. Like Lihat Sawah, the views are great and the food here is also exceptional and very well priced.

Last spot worth a mention is Jana's, which sits just to the north of Lihat Sawah where the road splits. Jana's does local food along with some basic Thai dishes. It doesn't have the same bubbly staff as the aforementioned two, but it does attract a crowd (by Sidemenian standards) come the evening as this is one of the few freestanding and centrally located restaurants.

Note for budget travellers: the friendly owner of Jana's (surprise surprise named Jana) has a single bungalow for rent just down the road from the restaurant (look for the sign reading "Jana's Homestay" in front of a warung). It is clean and basic with a cold water shower (he'll bring you a bucket of hot water if you wish) and is well-priced at 100,000 rupiah for one, 150,000 rupiah for two.

Warung Organik
Br. Iseh, Sinduwati, Sidemen, Bali
T: (0858) 5701 3416

We spent last weekend with friends at Life in Amed, in one of our favourite houses in Bali and decided to take a scenic route home via Sidemen (home to another of our favourite places to stay in Bali). A friend had mentioned stumbling upon Warung Organic on a similar trip, so we kept an eye out for it and sure enough, about a kilometre out of Sidemen proper it was poised and waiting, overlooking... Read our full review of Warung Organik.

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