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For those that love Indonesian fare, Warung Komang is a godsend in a town full of otherwise pretty mediocre eating. The owners here have a menu centred on the usual Indonesian dishes of nasi goreng, nasi campur and a variety of soups. The nasi campur here is good value at 20,000 rupiah for a fiery chicken and vegetable soup, fried chicken leg, a piece of grilled fish, some tofu, tempeh and rice. Be careful with the dosage of sambal as it packs a punch.

Wayan Restaurant is the upmarket restaurant in Tulamben with correspondingly upmarket prices. Unfortunately, it falls well short of what the prices demand. The food is mediocre, the service slapdash and some of the staff just seem to slouch around. Usually the Indonesian food in Indonesian-run places is tasty, but here it is bland and probably dumbed-down to cater for the masses. For those with children, this is a nice, easy place to take them and there will definitely be something to satisfy their fickle palates. For everyone else, come only for a Bali kopi so you can use their free WiFi.

For western fare, Safety Stop Restaurant and Bar is at the southern end of Tulamben and does reasonably priced Indonesian standards along with some western options. There's also a pool table and, going by the crowd that was there when we sat down for lunch, this is a popular spot for more than a few drinks among the diving crowd. Free Wifi is available.

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