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There are a cluster of traveller orientated restaurants close to the Edelweiss and Korina Hotels. The Camelia restaurant beside the Edelweiss hotel does a range of Chinese and Indonesian dishes at reasonable standards -- by all the tour agent stickers on the walls it must do a roaring trade in high season. Their pork dishes are, well, very porkish -- we had a nasi goreng babi and it tasted like the rice had been boiled in pork fat, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Across the road is the recently upgraded Dito's, which also does a mix of Chinese and Indonesian dishes but with a few Western standards thrown in as well. This was our preferred spot for dinner and it had a cosier, more homely atmosphere than Camelia. Go for the guacamole with krupuk -- it was possibly the best dish we had on mainland Flores.

On the same side of the road but on the far side of Korina you'll find the newer Lucas Restaurant, which offers similar fare to the others, but with a friendlier vibe.

Both of these places are very popular with tourists and their drivers -- if you're looking for a more local feel, or want to get off the tourist strip, there are a bunch of Padang places near the sprawling central market.

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