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  • Shanghai Blue 1920
    4.5 stars

    Classy cocktail bar

    Jalan Kebon Sirih Raya 79, Jakarta

    Owned by the luxury hotel group that also boasts Samara next door, Shanghai Blue is a classy cocktail bar cum Chinese restaurant. ... read more

  • Samara
    4.5 stars

    Fantastic upmarket restaurant

    Jalan Kebon Sirih Raya 77, Jakarta

    Owned by the luxury boutique hotel group Tugu, Samara takes the class of their themed hotels and transplants it very successfully into the restaurant scene. ... read more

  • Sabang 16 Coffee Shop
    4 stars

    Great coffee

    Jalan Sabang 16b, Jakarta

    Located on Jalan Sabang just around the corner from Jalan Jaksa, Sabang 16 is a fantastic tiny coffee shop ... read more

  • Margo Cafe
    4 stars

    Classic backpacker shack

    Jalan Jaksa, Jakarta

    This cafe is a classic backpacker shack serving up cheap meals in comfortable surrounds. ... read more

  • Memories Cafe
    4 stars

    Cheap beer

    Jalan Jaksa No.17, Jakarta

    This is a typical backpacker haunt which has operated for years in the same spot. ... read more

  • Weston
    4 stars

    Cheap and not so crowded

    Jalan Kebon Sirih No. 40, Jakarta

    Located just off Jalan Jaksa, Weston serves up delicious meals in a slightly better than warung environment with a quality and variance you can't get in a warung. ... read more

  • KL Village Kopitiam
    3.5 stars

    Good for Indonesian food

    Jalan Jaksa

    KL Village Kopitiam is the place to come for a good selection of Indonesian food in clean surrounds. ... read more

  • Cafe Batavia
    3.5 stars

    Very expensive

    Taman Fatahillah, Kota, Jakarta

    Cafe Batavia is a typical tourist cafe in the heart of a typical tourist district and is priced accordingly. ... read more

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