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Warungs, kaki limas and rumah makans are available absolutely everywhere in Bandung and at night you will not walk past a single street corner without seeing someone selling local food. This food is generally very delicious, but relies heavily on frying and many visitors will want to mix up their eating habits to avoid oil overload. During the day, options along most streets are limited to snack foods such as gorengan, a word used to describe a variety of fried tasty treats. More substantial meals are best found in food courts attached to malls or in standalone fixed restaurants.

  • Origin House & Kitchen
    4.5 stars

    Organic cafe

    Jalan Sumatra 21, Bandung

    Origin is definitely not cheap, but that is not why you come here. You come here for the fantastic organic food on offer -- delicious restaurant-quality meals as well as sandwiches, pasta and salads. ... read more

  • Gianni's
    4.5 stars

    Cosy coffee-house with cafe vibe

    Jalan Cihampelas 205, Bandung

    The name Gianni's evokes thoughts of a trattoria in the back streets of Rome, but pasta and pizza is not all you will find here. ... read more

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    Jalan Gardujati & Jalan Cibadak
    4 stars

    Food streets at night

    Jalan Gardujati, Bandung

    Jalan Gardujati is located within walking distance of the train station which is convenient if you're staying close by and want to check out Bandung street food at night between 18:00 and 22:00. Starting 150 metres to the south of the train line, a wide range of food stalls offer local foods such ... read more

  • Warung Cepot
    4 stars

    Traditional Sundanese food

    Jalan Pasirkaliki, Bandung

    Warung Cepot is a restaurant serving traditional Sundanese food in very approachable surrounds. ... read more

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    Paris van Java
    4 stars

    Best mall in town

    Jalan Sukajadi, Bandung

    This place is the most happening mall in town as evidenced by the heavy traffic (especially on weekends) heading up the hill to the village of Sukajadi where PVJ (pay-vay-jay), as it's known locally, is located. ... read more

  • Hummingbird
    4 stars

    Upmarket Western-style cafe

    Jalan Progo, Bandung

    There are only a few places in Bandung that feel like a Western cafe, and Hummingbird is one of them. ... read more

  • Indischetafel
    4 stars

    Dutch colonial museum restaurant

    Jalan Sumatra 19, Bandung

    Upon entering this old Dutch colonial building, one is struck by the magnificent high ceilings which create a look and feel that is unique in Bandung. ... read more

  • Giggle Box
    4 stars

    Casual Western-style cafe

    Jalan Progo No.33, Bandung

    You'll nary see a Western-looking person in this cafe which is surprising as the menu and ambience of the place is similar to what you would find in the West. ... read more

  • Great cafes in Bandung
    3.5 stars

    Most travellers arrive in Bandung by train and immediately head for the nearby hotels that surround the smoggy, noisy and dirty station area. These shocking first impressions of Bandung can lead one to believe that Bandung is nothing more than just another big Indonesian metropolis with absolutely ... read more

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    Istana Plaza
    3.5 stars

    Large mall with food court

    Jalan Pasirkaliki, Bandung

    IP as it's known locally is not the biggest mall in Bandung, but it's still a nice enough place to hang out, grab a coffee and eat foods from all over the world. McDonald's is located in the parking area of the mall, but the attraction is the selection of cuisines available inside. Our favourites ... read more

  • Paskal Food Market
    3.5 stars

    Outdoor food court near the train station

    Jalan Pasirkaliki, Bandung

    Deep inside Paskal Hypersquare about a five-10 minute walk from Jalan Pasirkaliki is the Paskal Food Market. ... read more

  • No pic at the moment -- Sorry!

    Pasarbaru Trade Centre
    3 stars

    Local food court above the market

    Food Court, 6th floor, Jalan Otto Iskandardinata, Bandung

    If you want to experience a local market atmosphere, check this place out. The first two floors are occupied by a wet market selling meat, fruit and vegetables and is a fascinating site in itself. Then from the confusingly labelled first to fifth floors a plethora of stalls sell cloth, clothes, ... read more

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