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  • Restaurant Relax
    4 stars

    Western-run cafe with real bread

    Jalan Bulak Laut, Pangandaran

    The foreign influence is plain to see in this small cafe in the northern part of town. ... read more

  • Mungil Steakhouse
    4 stars

    A top hangout spot

    West Beach, Pangandaran

    This is a great little spot to have a drink and bite to eat at night, and often has live music to entertain guests. ... read more

  • Bamboo Beach Bar
    4 stars

    Great place for a beer

    West Beach, Pangandaran

    A big selection of Western meals such as steaks and sandwiches are on offer as well as Indonesian staples such as gado-gado – perfect for a veggie hit. ... read more

  • Seafood Bu Surman
    4 stars

    Ultra-fresh seafood

    Jalan Cagar Alam Pantai Timur, Pangandaran

    If you've a hankering for the freshest seafood in town, head down to the east beach near the eastern entrance to the national park. ... read more

  • Bamboo Cafe
    3.5 stars

    Chilled beach bar

    West Beach, Pangandaran

    This tidy operation at the far northern end of the beach shacks does a fine job of serving up delicious Western meals. ... read more

  • Rumah Makan Padang Jaya
    3.5 stars

    Tasty but spicy

    Jalan Pantai Barat, Pangandaran

    About a kilometre south along the main west beach road away from the beach bars, you'll find Rumah Makan Padang Jaya. ... read more

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