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Gili Air

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Gili Air

Gili Air is ringed by restaurants from basic beach shacks to some pleasant midrange restaurants. Food can be variable but the prices are reasonable.

  • Mirage Sunset Bar
    4 stars

    Great sunsets

    North coast

    This was our favourite sunset bar on the island. Friendly people and a great cocktail list. ... read more

  • Wiwin
    3.5 stars

    Seafood BBQ

    East coast

    We enjoyed a very good barbecue fish meal at this very popular beachside restaurant on Gili Air's east coast. ... read more

  • Scallywags
    3.5 stars

    Great beachside location

    Southeast coast

    A branch of the Gili Trawangan restaurant and bar, the Gili Air version offers a similar standard of good food and views. ... read more

  • Ali Baba and Co
    3 stars

    A handful to choose from

    Northeast coast

    At the northern end of Gili Air's east coast are a bunch of beachside restaurants doing simple traveller food. ... read more

  • Gili Santay
    3 stars

    Thai food Gili Air style

    East coast

    This beachside restaurant claims to have authentic Thai food, but it's a bit hit and miss. ... read more

  • Bars
    2.5 stars

    Take your pick

    South and east coast

    Most of Gili Air's bars are clustered in the southeast corner of the island. Few are standouts. ... read more

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