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Gili Meno

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Gili Meno

There is a smattering of places all the way around the island, these are some that stood out.

  • Sunset Gecko
    4.5 stars

    Best on the island

    Northeast coast

    It's easy to be straight to the point with Sunset Gecko — this is the best food on Gili Meno. ... read more

  • Mallias Child
    4 stars

    Seafood BBQ

    South coast

    Attached to the same-named guesthouse, Mallias Child is a popular spot for dinner on Gili Meno. ... read more

  • Adang Adang
    3.5 stars

    Meno Thai

    North coast

    We didn't try the food here in person, but the barman regaled us on the virtues of their Thai food. ... read more

  • Dayak Bar
    3.5 stars

    Beach shack

    South coast

    Who says wine doesn't grow on trees? Dayak Bar is your classic beach shack drinking hole and it tickled our fancy on Meno. ... read more

  • Rust
    3 stars

    Popular seaside eating

    Near the boat landing

    Of the two main boat landing restaurants, this was our preferred option. Simple food, cold drinks and reasonable prices. ... read more

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