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  • An overview of Luang Prabang's food scene
    4 stars

    A quick primer in a page

    Cafes and breakfast Le Cafe Ban Vat Sene is located on the main road heading towards the end of the peninsula and is worth seeking out. It’s a beautifully atmospheric cafe, especially popular at breakfast time, and serves magnificent fresh bread, baked goods and tasty traditional breakfast ... read more

  • Best Western breakfasts in Luang Prabang
    4 stars

    When you've had enough soup

    After a week of noodle soup with fish sauce and grilled bananas, there’s no shame in wanting to sink your teeth into a breakfast that you may be more accustomed to. We gave you a list of must-try local breakfast eats in Luang Prabang. Now here are some of the best spots to kick start your day ... read more

  • Local breakfasts in Luang Prabang
    3.5 stars

    Most hotels in Luang Prabang include breakfast with the room rate and even small guesthouses usually serve basic baguette, Lao coffee and some fruit. The town has some yummy and cheap local morning eats so it’d be a pity if you didn’t venture away from the hotel at least once to try one of ... read more

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