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Muang Kham

Mayer Choy at the main intersection is the only really good vantage point for sitting while you wait during the many hours that the bus from Vientiane or Phonsavan to Sam Neua may come. A row of pots on a table that are less than appetising by the end of the day are available for inspection, but many will avoid this option – the locals love it. For freshly cooked food there is very little choice, with no menu and very few ingredients to work with. What they do produce is bland and uninteresting. The speciality of the shop is pho but even their version of this Lao staple is nothing special, although the restaurant is pretty popular with the locals.

Up the main road a little way from the bus station is a large, modern restaurant clearly used for weddings and other celebrations. At all other times it is a noodle soup restaurant, but unlike the other places in town, they have a menu in English with a decent range of dishes. The food is good, but can be a little oily and the prices are reasonable. Expect scrambled eggs, fried vegetables and basic dishes such as fried rice all cooked to order. Definitely the culinary pick of Muang Kham.

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