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Lak Xao

The food in Lak Xao is pretty good and you'll not go hungry here unlike some of the more remote towns in the province.

Only One Restaurant is a top place for a bite to eat and you might even have company with other foreigners as it's one of the only places in town with an English menu and a diverse range of food. Pick from BBQ meats, fried rice, more traditional Lao dishes and a few breakfast options such as omelettes. The food is excellent here and it saves a lot of hassle with trying to figure out what is on offer elsewhere. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Stalls at the roundabout are very popular with locals with BBQs going and soups bubbling away and are sure to serve up something tasty but don't expect any English menu or English language to be spoken.

The restaurant first on the right as you head east from the roundabout is a very popular spot and in years gone by we've eaten some great food here such as khua seet (beef with coriander) and sien haeng (dried buffalo meat) served with sticky rice and white-radish soup.

Only One Restaurant -- T: (054) 341 246;(020) 233 5246

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