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The food scene in Salavan is quite frankly very poor. If you need an English menu, head down to Miss Vilaivone on one of the roads surrounding the market. She has an English-language menu of Lao food primarily consisting of fried meats, fried rice and fried eggs. No one can speak English, so don't attempt any menu alterations, additions or ask for anything that doesn't have a Lao translation next to it. If you're not happy with the town's noodle shops, this place is worth stopping at.

The noodle shop out the front of Tata Guesthouse does some fantastic pho with deep-fried crispy pork. Just ask for "pho say mu kop" and you'll get a bowl of steaming hot pho with a deliciously salty broth studded with chunks of the crispy pork. It's located just down the road from the bus station and is open for breakfast and dinner.

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