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The eating scene is Sekong is quite limited. Local fare is available throughout the town, of course, and it's worth investigating the marketplace to see what the food stalls have on offer. Otherwise, there are a couple of popular places opposite the Sekong Hotel. Khanting Restaurant seems to be a local favourite, also patronised by the resident NGO crowd, though we weren't overly impressed with the food. But when you're in Sekong, you don't have much choice and accordingly this is the first choice of many visitors to town. The English menu of predominantly Lao food contains fried rice, meat and veg as well as our favourite, Flying Lemour soup.

Down at the Tida Hotel, they have a restaurant right on the edge of the river. The English menu is brief but it's big enough that you'll find something to your taste. Fried rice, eggs and meat are the staples and chowing down on these as you watch over the river is a fabulous way to spend a couple hours, especially as the sun goes down. The best thing about this place is that the owners are so downright friendly that you're sure to have them do their best to cook you up something you'll be happy with.

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