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Sungai Petani

Most Sungai Petani restaurants serve Indian-Muslim nasi kandar food, which is served buffet style. You first get a plate of rice and then choose the dishes you want with it and pay later.

A good one is Nasi Kandar Pelita on the corner of Jalan Ibrahim and Jalan Bank near the clock tower. They serve yummy and cheap south Indian curries, rotis, naan bread and spicy Malay stews round the clock, so it's the spot if you are arriving early or departing late.

From Jalan Bank a couple of shops down is a walking street where you'll find a very interesting mix of hawker stalls selling quick Chinese and Malay eats like fried noodles, fried rice and spring rolls.

Mc Dofa does big servings of fried chicken along with local Chinese, Malay and Western food.

Taking a right outside Seri Malaysia Hotel you'll find a very busy Indian restaurant Ananda Bhawan, which serves one of the best banana-leaf curries in town.

A little bit further on around a bend is Restoran Tualat, serving a mixed menu of Malay and south Indian food.

Mc Dofa: Jalan Bank 4. Open daily, 11:00-23:00. Dishes 4-11 ringgit
Restoran Nasi Kandar Pelita: Jalan Ibrahim 68. Open 24 hours. Dishes 2-7 ringgit
Restoran Tualat: Jalan Hospital 214. Open daily, 0:700-21:00. Dishes 2-8 ringgit

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