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Like the accommodation, the food options in Cherating are pretty bleak. For an early breakfast there is a small Malay restaurant that does one-plate dishes on the beach road -- it's between the batik workshop and the sizeable surf shop.

For daytime and evening snacking, three warungs past the roundabout on the beach side of the road do affordable one-plate dishes off a limited menu -- this is about the cheapest evening fare you'll find. Just before the roundabout, attached to Cherating Cottage, is a restaurant marked up for pizza, but it was closed both the evenings we were there -- we assume it's a high season-only affair. Down the other end of town is the tourist-orientated Don't Tell Mama -- we assume a reference to their interestingly-priced beer (they sell small beers for 15 ringgit -- the cost of large ones next door). Overpriced beer aside, they serve up pretty standard tourist fare.

Probably the best place for dinner in Cherating is the beachview restaurant within the utterly inaptly named and uniformly appalling Cherating Duyong Beach Resort. While the "resort" is an absolute dive, the food at the restaurant (Chinese, a little Thai and seafood) is good and not ridiculously overpriced; that the drinks are cold and fairly priced is an added bonus, as is the free WiFi.

On the beach from the roundabout is a single beach bar which is a good spot for a cold drink as the day finishes up and there are also a smattering of food stalls just to the north of here underneath the trees.

One other possibility for a nightcap is the bar at Shadow of the Moon -- a rustic hillside joint back off the beach near the main road, but it was semi-closed for renovation (though they still managed to serve up a chilled beer for us) when we visited.

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