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The riverside district of Kuantan holds plenty of eating fodder and you'll not struggle for a meal at any time of the day.

For breakfast, opposite the mosque on Jalan Haji Abdul Aziz you'll find Badhiria Food Corner &Curry House which does a good variety of roti with coffee -- what more do you need?!

For lunch and all-day snacking three places spring to mind -- Kedai Kopi Jalan Besar and Kong Lam Restoran both do simple one-plate dishes along with claypot pork (bak kut tee) -- the latter of which I had an excellent serving of at Kedai Kopi Jalan Besar. Another option, if you'd prefer air-con and a full English-language menu, is Restoran Chilli, which aside from the standards does a handful of Western dishes. Kedai Kopi Jalan Besar and Kong Lam Restoran also both serve beer should that be a deciding factor for you.

Another option for all-day munching is the row of open-air eateries by the river. There are a half dozen places to choose from, offering everything from fried rice to barbecue chicken, so you should be able to find something to suit and the prices are very reasonable.

In the evening, two places stand out. Lila Wadi Restaurant on Jalan Besar does very popular tabletop barbecues along with one-plate dishes. We opted for a one-plate dish and it was a little on the small side, but the pandan cooler we had was excellent. Prices are moderate. If you're looking for a more splashout meal, Tjantek Art Bistro, also on Jalan Besar (open from 19:00 only) is a fabulous little spot in a restored shopfront. Food is both east and west and excellent. Extremely friendly owners too -- be sure to check out their Coke bottle collection.

If you're up for a cold drink after all that eating, O'Corner is the only "proper" pub we found. It's a big place, right on the river in front of Lila Wadi, and while the beers are chilled, service is slow and the music can be very variable. A second riverside bar is located by the Mega View Hotel, but it was closed when we were in Kuantan.

Kedai Kopi: Jalan Besar
Kong Lam Restoran: Jalan Besar
Lila Wadi Restaurant: A 236 Jalan Besar T: (017) 653 2611
O'Corner: 236 Jalan Teluk Sisek. T: (019) 989 9433
Restoran Chilli: Jalan Besar
Tjantek Art Bistro: 46 Jalan Besar T: (09) 516 4144

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