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Kuala Tahan

As with the accommodation, the eating options in Kuala Tahan are uninspired. Choose from three main options: the semi-fancy restaurant at Mutiara, the floating rafthouses on the river and a cluster of little warungs opposite where the buses and minibuses drop off.

None of these are particularly good. We tended to grab a cheap breakfast from either the stalls near the bus stop or from a small curry takeaway stand down near the water, but lunch and dinner from the floating rafthouses. There are a half dozen to choose from and all offer a mix of simple tourist food and straight up Malaysian fare.

Kuala Tahan is a dry town, with alcohol only available from the Mutiara and Woodlands Resorts (for a hefty premium). A small warung also supposedly sells beer, but despite being given a hand-drawn map (yes really!) we were unable to find it.

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