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Khao San Road

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    Streetfood: Nang Loeng Market
    4.5 stars

    Amazing Thai desserts

    Soi Nang Loeng 1, Nakhon Sawan Rd

    Nang Loeng Market starts early and ends early, pretty much clearing out by mid-afternoon each day. Come for breakfast or lunch to enjoy the busy bustle. Fruit and vegetables are stacked high on either side, and the meat and fish section runs down the middle. Prepared foods are sold on either edge ... read more

  • Adhere the 13th Blues Bar
    4 stars

    Best blues bar in Bangkok

    13 Samsen Rd, Bangkok (turn right from the west end of Khao San Road, walk straight and you'll see it just after the canal on the left.)
    T: (089) 769 4613

    Sometimes discovery happens the hard way, requiring a lifetime of slogging through a city, measuring and weighing and comparing to see if you’ve found the one true thing you have been after. And sometimes it happens the easy way. Possibly when you are just the tiniest bit tipsy after drinking ... read more

  • Nai Soey Beef Noodles
    4 stars

    Really good beef noodle soup

    100/2-3 Phra Arthit Rd, Bangkok
    T: (086) 982 9042

    A really good beef noodle soup (kuay-tiao neua) is not so easy to find in Bangkok. One exception is Nai Soey, a no-frills shop near Khao San Road that’s been slinging tender beef in a delicious cow’s blood broth for over 40 years. ... read more

  • A-isa Rot Dee
    4 stars

    Quality Muslim-Thai food

    178 Tani Rd, Bangkok
    T: (02) 282 6378

    Hidden down a dark alley near Khao San Road, A-isa Rot Dee is a congregation of carts that churn out quality Muslim-Thai food. A mash-up of Southern Thai ingredients and flavours thought to have been brought by Middle Eastern traders many centuries ago, the cuisine is known for rich curries, ... read more

  • Sor Roong Roj
    4 stars

    Terrific roast duck

    Soi Nakhon Sawan 6 (next to Nang Loeng market), Bangkok
    T: (02 281 9755

    Located right next to century-old Nang Loeng market in a corner of Bangkok’s historic district, Sor Roong Roj has been dishing out fantastic Hokkien-Chinese fare, with a Thai touch, since 1963. ... read more

  • Steve Cafe and Cuisine
    4 stars

    Great food and setting

    68 Sri-Ayutthaya Rd, Bangkok
    T: (081) 868 0744

    Defined by piles of fresh fruit, bundles of flower garlands and charmingly dilapidated houses, the area around Thewet pier and market is one of the most colourful in Bangkok. This is where you’ll find Steve Cafe and Cuisine, serving quality Thai fare on a deck next to the Chao Phraya. It’s a ... read more

  • Chomp Cafe
    4 stars


    Corner of Samsen Road and Samsen Soi 1, Bangkok
    T: (084) 098 8633

    Atmospheric Chomp Cafe is the place near Khao San Road for hearty vegetarian and meaty Western dishes served up with great music, an art gallery, weekly yoga classes, quality cocktails and air-con. Whether you’re after a serious feed or low-key conversation and drinks, Chomp is an excellent ... read more

  • Ethos
    4 stars

    Earthy, crunchy and yummy

    85/2 Soi Bowonrangsi (behind the Burger King off Tanao Road), Bangkok
    T: (02) 280 7549

    Tucked into the alley that runs behind Burger King across from the eastern end of Khao San Road, Ethos vegetarian cafe does some mean veggie food to go with an impressive spread of beverages. The ambiance is earthy-crunchy and it’s a relaxing spot to check email or read while nibbling on ... read more

  • Streetfood: Western end of Rambutri Rd
    4 stars

    Great food at very reasonable prices

    Open for dinner until around midnight

    This collection of sidewalk restaurants serves up some great food at very reasonable prices. ... read more

  • Hemlock
    4 stars

    An eclectic, perennial favourite

    56 Phra Athit Rd
    T: (02) 282 7507

    This eclectic, perennial favourite on chilled-out Phra Athit Rd has interesting dishes that are often ignored on Thai menus, like khao hor bai bu (rice wrapped in lotus leaf). ... read more

  • Greenhouse Restaurant
    4 stars

    Seafood BBQ is good

    84 Rambutri Rd
    T: (02) 281 4293

    It's not often that we recommend a restaurant attached to a guesthouse, but this one exceeds expectations and has a great alfresco sitting area. ... read more

  • Streetfood: Soi Rambutri
    4 stars

    Hits the spot late at night

    North of Chakrabongse Rd

    While Soi Rambutri is mostly about drinking, when you are feeling peckish after those beers there are some good options available as the soi curls around the backside of the temple. ... read more

  • Streetfood: Eastern End of Rambutri Rd
    4 stars

    Excellent offerings

    Near traffic circle that connects Rambutri, Tani, and Tanao Rds

    Bangkokians who work on Khao San Road have to eat somewhere, and they're not chowing down at the same expensive restaurants that also serve towers of beer and play Bob Marley 24/7. ... read more

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    Brick Bar
    4 stars

    More expensive, but good music

    1/F, Buddy Lounge Bldg, 265 Khao San Rd
    T: (02) 629 4702

    This dark brick cave in the Buddy Complex on Khao San is a strange hole in the social fabric of Khao San Rd; it's a place more popular with Thais than with foreigners. No Heineken girls, no buckets, just three sets of ska per night. The drinks are more expensive than elsewhere on this heaving ... read more

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    The Fabulous
    4 stars

    Swanky dessert cafe

    32 Khao San Rd
    T: (02) 629 1144

    The Fabulous is a dessert bar and café with swank seating and an eye towards retro design. Their dessert list is tempting, with traditional desserts like tiramisu and crepes, but the sweet tooth really craves their Fabulous Toast. It's French toast taken up a notch, and it goes well with the ... read more

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    Phra Athit River Lounge
    4 stars

    An easy going spot

    Chana Songkhram, Phra Atit Rd
    T: (02) 282 9202

    This easy going place by the Chao Phraya is just off the main pier — if you walk down the access alley to the pier from the road, turn right on the walk way that goes along the river off to the left. A hundred metres, down there's an entrance to the lounge. Alternatively, if you follow Phra ... read more

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    Ricky's Coffee Shop
    4 stars

    Relax with coffee

    18-20 Phra Atit Rd (Opposite Phra Atit Pier)
    T: (02) 629 0509

    Ricky's is the kind of place that the Khao San/Banglumphu area needs more of: a relaxed place to enjoy an excellent cup of coffee, have a read of the paper, or during the hot hours of the day, to sip on a fruit shake. Their real draw is their food; many a weary traveler has been revived by melted ... read more

  • Roti Mataba
    4 stars

    Best roti in town

    136 Phra Athit Rd, Bangkok
    T: (02) 282 2119

    Street carts selling fried roti (an unleavened bread that originated in India and is popular across South and Southeast Asia) are not hard to find in Thailand. The sweet version, often stuffed with bananas and drizzled with sweet condensed milk, is popular all over Thailand. After nearly 60 years ... read more

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    Santichai Prakan Park
    4 stars

    Picnic spot

    Corner of Phra Athit Rd and Phra Sumen Rd

    Housing one of the two remaining octagonal fortifications to the city built in the late 1800s, this now peaceful park is an excellent place to stretch out and relax alongside the Chao Phraya River. There's a traditional Thai sala (which is a culturally enshrined structure built solely for relaxing ... read more

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    Khin Lom Chom Saphan
    4 stars

    Great riverside deck

    11/6 Sam San Soi 3, Sam Sen Rd
    T: (02) 628 8382-3

    This riverside restaurant has a great deck alongside the Chao Praya River, immediately downriver from the Rama 8 Bridge. Normally, claiming that a restaurant can see a bridge in Asia is not really a selling point, but the Rama 8 Bridge is pretty special when lit up at night. The food at this ... read more

  • No pic at the moment -- Sorry!

    Thom Hom Pak Chi
    4 stars

    Central and southern Thai food

    326-8 Sam Sen Rd
    T: (02) 282 8353

    Thom Hom Pak Chi specialises in central and southern Thai food: tom yum, geng som, curries with chicken, duck, and pork. The restaurant is eclectic in its approach to decoration, but it's a charming place for lunch or dinner. Free Wifi, good air-con and excellent coffee make it a nice place to get ... read more

  • Street food: Chakrabongse Road
    3.5 stars

    The real deal

    Chakrabongse Road

    Whether it’s pizza by the slice, buckets, tattoos, fake degrees, or enough Chang Beer tank-tops to clothe a binge of backpackers, many things may be purchased on Khao San Road. Really good Thai street food, however, can be tough to find. If you’re tired of the over-priced, Westernised Thai food ... read more

  • Bar Bali Bistro
    3.5 stars

    Nothing Balinese, but still reasonable

    58 Phra Athit Rd
    T: (02) 629 0318

    This swish shop front bar and restaurant has a very tenuous connection with Balinese food — basically the sign over the door. ... read more

  • Tom Yum Kung
    3.5 stars

    Fresh and well-prepared Thai favourites

    9 Khao San Rd
    T: (02) 629 1818

    Tucked off in a small side soi, along with a beer garden and The Fabulous Café is Tom Yum Kung Restaurant. ... read more

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