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  • Nuttaporn Ice cream
    4.5 stars

    Best in Bangkok

    94 Phraeng Phuthon Square (off Tanao Road), Bangkok
    T: (02) 222 2686

    Nuttaporn Ice Cream in Banglamphu is more proof that trendy promotion and shiny shopping malls are no match for an extraordinary product served from a weathered old shophouse. We’ve previously covered several spots in Bangkok to sample a more new-age mix of frozen goodies, but when it comes to ... read more

  • Arawy Vegetarian Restaurant
    4 stars

    Yummy Chinese-Thai vegan food

    152 Dinso Road (a three-minute walk south of Democracy Monument), Bangkok
    T: (02) 224 4517

    A great and convenient option for sampling old-style Chinese-Thai vegan food (ahaan jay) is Arawy Vegetarian Restaurant near Democracy Monument and a 10-minute walk from Khao San Road. If you’re in the mood for cheap and authentic meat-free dishes in a no frills set-up, look no further than Arawy. ... read more

  • Thip Samai
    4 stars

    Best pad Thai in town?

    313 Mahachai Rd, Bangkok
    T: (02) 221 6280

    Known locally as Pad Thai Phratu Phi after the ‘ghost gate’ neighbourhood where it’s located, Thip Samai has had 50 years to perfect the recipes and techniques for its signature pad Thai, often cited as the best in Bangkok. It may be the city’s most famous place to try the best known Thai ... read more

  • Bunthon Restaurant
    4 stars

    Real fiery Isaan food

    West end of Bamrung Muang Rd (just south of Phraeng Phuthon Square), Bangkok
    T: (02) 226 2837

    Thailand's northeastern region — better known as Isaan — produces what we find to be the most addictive food in the kingdom. If you’re in Bangkok’s historic Rattanakosin district and get hit with an Isaan food craving, Bunthon Restaurant serves the real deal. ... read more

  • Ming Lee
    4 stars

    Classic Chinese-Thai near the Grand Palace

    70 Na Phra Lan Road (across from the front entrance of the Grand Palace)

    Touristy areas tend to send “foodies” scrambling down some “secret” alley in search of the nearest “authentic” restaurant. Situated directly across from the Grand Palace, however, century-old Ming Lee Restaurant‘s front-and-centre location has allowed it to slip under the noses of ... read more

  • Farm to Table Organic Cafe
    4 stars


    179 Atsadang Rd, Bangkok
    T: (085) 359 2727

    Thai households have raised their own fruits, veggies and chickens while naturally aiming for self-sufficiency for countless generations. But in modern times, urbanisation has forced many Thais to give up on gardening. Close to Bangkok’s largest flower market, Farm to Table Organic Cafe bridges ... read more

  • Krua Apsorn
    4 stars

    Central Thai comfort food

    196 Dinso Road, Bangkok
    T: (026) 688 788

    Like many of Bangkok’s most beloved restaurants, Krua Apsorn‘s nonchalant blue-and-white frontage doesn’t beg for attention. With a great reputation built on carefully prepared central Thai comfort food that was favoured by King Bhumibol’s late mother, this Banglamphu mainstay has no need ... read more

  • No pic at the moment -- Sorry!

    Streetfood: Soi Samran Rat
    4 stars

    A lively street food zone

    Intersection of Soi Samran Rat and Maha Chai Rd

    Near Wat Theothidaram, the venerable Jay Fai Restaurant anchors this lively street food zone. Jay Fai has quite a following both in Bangkok and abroad — it was featured in the NY Times a few years ago and still lives up to the glowing review it received. While not technically street food (the ... read more

  • No pic at the moment -- Sorry!

    Street food: Tha Phra Chan Market
    4 stars

    Central Thai specialties

    Intersection of Phra Chan Rd and Maharat Rd

    This warren of food stalls, snack vendors, small restaurants and coffee places spreads out from the ferry pier to the gates of Thammasat University, and continues south until it melds into the Amulet Market. Lining the river are a handful of small restaurants that serve fresh water fish, noodles, ... read more

  • Cafe Velodome
    4 stars

    Bike lover hangout

    Thammasat University Thaprachan Campus (next to Sanam Luang to the west), Bangkok
    T: (02) 623 6340

    It’s always lovely to find a good, friendly independent coffee shop after you’ve been trudging around in the heat of Bangkok. Whether you’ve been exploring the Grand Palace or Sanam Luang, Cafe Velodome offers just such respite in the form of a lovely air-conditioned space with park views, ... read more

  • Thai Tham Pig's Brain Soup
    3.5 stars

    Like... subtle pork liver

    Phraeng Phuthon Square, Bangkok
    T: (02) 221 7612, (089) 885 2512

    Feeling a little slow-minded after that long-haul flight? Or maybe you’re just an unusually sophisticated zombie? Either way, you need a bowl of Thai Tham Pig’s Brain Soup. Opened in 1957, the hole-in-the-wall shop is a favourite of Chinese-Thai locals who need a little mental boost. ... read more

  • Methavalai Sorndaeng
    3.5 stars

    Classy spot for a splurge

    78/2 Ratchadamnoen Khlang Road (corner of Dinso Rd; in front of Democracy Monument)
    T: (02 224 3088 ; (02) 224 3178

    Since 1957, Methavalai Sorndaeng Restaurant has served traditional Central Thai food in a classic fine dining setting. The atmosphere might be too stuffy for some, but it’s tough to argue with the authentic and reasonably priced fare. A direct view over Democracy Monument isn’t too shabby ... read more

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