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Sukhumvit - Cafes

  • Ice cream, gelato and frozen yoghurt in Sukhumvit
    4 stars

    Time to cool off

    Bangkok is hot. Inescapably, incessantly, interminably hot. Even if you take refuge inside one of Bangkok’s air-conditioned malls, you’re going to have to face the heat sometime. What’s the best and most delicious way to counteract days with a low of 40 degrees Celsius? Ice cream. Lots of ice ... read more

  • Elefin Coffee Shop
    4 stars

    Recharge here

    11/26 Sukhumvit Soi 1, Sukhumvit Rd
    T: (02) 655 3200

    In a city that sometimes seems over run with Starbucks, this is the cafe one wishes was on every corner. It's a comfortable place to get charged up for the day, or refresh with an afternoon cuppa. Elefin coffee roasts their own beans (most sourced from Thailand). Elefin's baristas pull some ... read more

  • Health food cafes on Sukhumvit Soi 39
    3.5 stars

    Tasty and really healthy

    If you're into to vegetarian/vegan and/or organic/healthy movements, here are two cafes that dish out some great food for the health-conscious. With locations close to one another on Sukhumvit Soi 39, you can easily check both of them out at the same time. Sustaina Organic Shop and ... read more

  • Kuppa
    3.5 stars

    Lounge, eat, drink, repeat

    39 Soi Sukhumvit 16, Bangkok
    T: (02 259 1954 ; (026) 630 4504

    Do you enjoy really good coffee? A robust cup of northern Thai Arabica is readily available all over Bangkok, but sometimes a taste of Guatemala, Kenya or Brazil is in order. Located off Sukhumvit Road, Kuppa is a high-end coffee shop and restaurant that offers an array of house-roasted gourmet ... read more

  • M Coffee
    3.5 stars

    A well-done everyday coffee shop

    1539 Sukhumvit Road (Soi 69), Bangkok
    T: (023) 822 121, (023) 823 131

    If you include all the stands slinging coffee streetside, there have to be a million coffee shops in Bangkok. Most sell a standard mix of decent Thai coffee, overly sweet lattes, milky chah yen (Thai iced-tea), a few juices and smoothies, perhaps some baked goods that look better than they taste, ... read more

  • Hundred Children Tea House
    3.5 stars

    Coffee and pastries

    326/1-3 Sukhumvit Soi 14, Sukhumvit Rd
    T: (02) 229 4424

    Did you ever wish you had a Chinese grandma who would feed you tea and cakes while sitting you down on some seriously over-sized carved wooden furniture? Well, it's time to make that fantasy come true at Hundred Children Tea House. Two stories of antiques have been combined with a ground floor ... read more

Sukhumvit - Thai

  • Supanniga Eating Room
    4.5 stars

    Among Bangkok's best

    160/11 Thong Lor Rd (Sukhumvit Soi 55), Bangkok
    T: (02) 714 7508

    Widely lauded as one of Bangkok’s best midrange Thai restaurants, Supanniga Eating Room does what it calls “Eastern versus Isaan cuisine” in the trendy Thong Lor area. With culinary roots both in East Thailand’s Trat province and Khon Kaen of Northeast Thailand (aka Isaan), the hotspot ... read more

  • Soul Food Mahanakorn
    4.5 stars

    Highly recommended

    56/10 Sukhumvit Soi 55 (Soi Thong Lor), Sukhumvit Rd
    T: (02) 714 7708

    Soul Food Mahanakorn is what you want your neighbourhood Thai place to be like. The dining room is minimalist without being spare, comfortable without being complicated. The food, too, follows this successful formula: seasonal, ingredient-inspired, perfectly-executed Thai. The bar makes ... read more

  • Vientiane Kitchen
    4.5 stars

    Traditional Lao and Isaan food

    Sukhumvit Soi 36, Sukhumvit Rd (Corner of Soi 36 and Soi Napha Sap 1, about 500 metres down the soi from Sukhumvit Rd)
    T: (02) 258 6171

    This open air dining hall serves up traditional Lao and Isaan food (think som tam, laap and grilled meats) in a rustic atmosphere. If Thais were cowboys, there would be a hitching post out front. Vientiane Kitchen serves spicy food, no doubt, but they are more than happy to tone down the heat if ... read more

  • Bo.lan
    4.5 stars

    The set menu is the way to go

    42 Soi Pichai Ronnarong Songkram, Sukhumvit 26, Sukhumvit Rd
    T: (02) 260 2962

    Bo.lan is presently one of les enfant terribles of Thai food in Bangkok, in fine company with Nahm and Soul Food Mahanakorn, that have changed the way that (some) Thais think about their food. Alice Waters began to refine how Americans thought about seasonality and it's affect on eating habits; Bo ... read more

  • Phuket Town Restaurant
    4 stars

    Fiery, pungent flavours of the south

    160/8 Soi Thong Lor (corner of Soi 6), Bangkok
    T: (02) 714 9402

    Fear not if Southern Thailand isn’t on your travel agenda. The fiery and pungent flavours of the south are on full display at Phuket Town Restaurant in Bangkok’s trendy Thong Lor area. The little kopi-shop style cafe has always caught our eye from outside, but we were taken aback by how ... read more

  • Ka-Tron Restaurant (Flying Unicycle Chicken)
    4 stars

    Watch that chicken fly!

    99/1 Moo 12, Bang Na Trat Rd, Bang Na, Bangkok
    T: (02) 399 5202; (02) 399 3557

    Deeply concentrating, a unicyclist fits into his helmet as a crowd gathers round. A bell rings, and a flame dances atop a massive catapult. A whole fried chicken flies through the air as diners gasp in suspense. It’s just another dinner shift at Ka-tron Restaurant in Bangkok‘s southern reaches, ... read more

  • May Veggie Home
    4 stars

    Veggie lover's dream

    8/3 Ratchadaphisek Road (just off Sukhumvit Road), Bangkok
    T: (02) 118 2967

    Opened in 2012, May Veggie Home quickly joined Bangkok’s top-notch vegetarian restaurant club thanks to creative dishes drawing on Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese and Western cuisines. Now at a central location near Asok BTS station, May’s soothing setting, house-made mock meats and vegan desserts ... read more

  • Pad Thai Fire Look
    4 stars

    Sizzlingly delicious

    Sukhumvit Soi 38, Bangkok

    Probably the most famous stall in Sukhumvit Soi 38's nightly street food market, Pad Thai Fire Look dishes out delectable pad Thai and other quick-fried noodle dishes that attract a wide mix of locals, expats and travellers. The name only makes sense once you’ve seen the chef in action. ... read more

  • Street food: Sukhumvit Soi 38
    4 stars

    Top spot to try street food

    Sukhumvit Soi 38, Bangkok

    The vendors at Sukhumvit Soi 38 prove that no amount of high-rise hotels and hi-so people can diminish Bangkok’s love of street food. In an area best known for trendy nightclubs and refined restaurants, Soi 38 keeps it cheap, raw and bustling deep into the night. It’s also one of the easiest ... read more

  • Kua Kling Pak Sot
    4 stars

    Watch out for those chillies

    98/1 Thong Lor Soi 5
    T: (02) 185 3977

    About fifty metres off of Thong Lor Soi 5, Kua Kling Pak Sot proffers up amazing southern-style Thai food. The small dining room is watched over by a benevolent matriarch who also organizes the troops in the kitchen. Yellow curries, fried prawns in tamarind, and sataw (a sort of cross between ... read more

  • Baan Khanitha Restaurant
    4 stars

    Traditional central Thai food

    31/1 Soi Sukhumvit 23, Sukhumvit Rd
    T: (02) 258 4181

    Baan Khanitha serves up traditional central Thai food from a traditional wooden house set in a leafy green courtyard. The air con dining room is furnished with Thai antique furniture and royal newspaper clippings from the 1930s and the back patio is shaded by palms and banana trees; both options ... read more

  • Cabbages and Condoms
    4 stars

    An institution in Bangkok

    10 Sukhumvit Soi 12, Sukhumvit Rd (400 meters down the soi, right-hand side)
    T: (02) 229 4610

    An institution in Bangkok, Cabbages and Condoms is operated by the non-governmental Population and Community Development Organization. They work to educate the public about the benefits of population control and to fund community development projects. The Sukhumvit 12 location is a popular option ... read more

  • Chicken T
    3.5 stars

    Free-range and antibiotic-free

    G106, Gateway Ekamai (ground floor), Sukhumvit 42, Bangkok
    T: (02) 108 2884 ; (026) 635 5015

    While KFC outlets, chicken rice shops and grilled chicken-on-a-stick vendors are all ubiquitous in Bangkok, finding free-range, antibiotic-free chicken that you know is hygienically prepared is not an easy task. In the Gateway Ekamai shopping centre off Sukhumvit Road, Chicken T delivers exactly ... read more

  • Suk 11 Restaurant
    3.5 stars

    A chilled out escape from the party scene

    1/13 Soi Sukhumvit 11, Bangkok
    T: (022) 535 9278

    Known as an earthy-crunchy backpacker institution off touristy Sukhumvit Soi 11 in Bangkok, Suk 11 Hostel boasts boasts a good Thai restaurant. The extensive menu looks pricey at first glance, but Suk 11’s relaxing atmosphere, large portions and tasty food make it worth a stop. ... read more

  • Suda Restaurant
    3.5 stars

    Ice cold beers

    6-6/1 Sukhumvit 14, Sukhumvit Rd
    T: (02) 229 4664

    This place, tucked back down Soi 14 off of Sukhumvit, serves a solid menu of Thai-Chinese food and serves ice-cold draft beer. Try their stir-fried morning glory, whole fried fish or pork satay with peanut sauce. Popular during the afternoon with office workers nearby, in the evenings the ... read more

  • Streetfood: Sukhumvit Soi 1
    3.5 stars

    Inexpensive and authentic

    Fifteen meters to the east from the intersection of Sukhumvit Soi 1 and Sukhumvit Rd, next to the Legacy Express Hotel

    A few metres from the entrance to Sukhumvit Soi is a sheet metal covered food hall. This centre follows the standard formula: tables are communal, order your food from the vendor that sells it, order your drinks from the roving drinks server. It's a great inexpensive and authentic option in this ... read more

Sukhumvit - Other Asian

  • Great sushi in Sukhumvit
    4 stars

    Bangkok loves sushi

    In Bangkok, a city filled with Japanese expats and close enough to the fish markets of Tokyo to make importing fresh tuna an absurd possibility, sushi restaurants abound. But choosing which sushi restaurant to frequent should never be done haphazardly; you must take as much care in selecting your ... read more

  • Tan Tan Men
    4 stars

    Good ramen

    595/20 Soi Sukhumvit 33/1, Sukhumvit Rd
    T: (02) 662 2084

    While not the first thing one thinks of when one considers eating options in Bangkok, the city's large Japanese population demands good ramen, and good ramen Tan Tan Men delivers. While there is a lot of passable ramen in Thailand, but few deliver the intensely flavoured broth and chewy noodles ... read more

  • Le Dalat
    4 stars

    Hue cuisine in Bangkok

    57 Sukhumvit Soi 23, Sukhumvit Rd
    T: (02) 259 9593

    This elegant restaurant is designed in the Hue-style, or the style of the Vietnamese court when the French arrived. The food isn’t outshone by the surroundings. Bahn hoi thit quay is a glazed piece of roast pork served with vermicelli noodles, baby jackfruit and boudin that is exceptional here, ... read more

  • No pic at the moment -- Sorry!

    Tsu / Nami
    4 stars

    The sushi is especially excellent

    Basement Level, JW Marriott, 4 Sukhumvit Rd (at Soi 2)
    T: (02)  656 7709

    These two separate restaurants, one a teppanyaki grill and the other a sushi house, are combined into one in this cool space in the JW Marriott. Choose to sit at the sushi bar, around a teppanyaki grill, or at one of the tables. The restaurant attracts a high-society group of Thais, Japanese ... read more

  • Korean food at Sukhumvit Plaza
    3.5 stars

    Welcome to Little Seoul

    212 Sukhumvit Soi 12 (near BTS Asok, exit 2)

    In the centre of Bangkok’s busiest shopping and business district, Sukhumvit, a plethora of kimchi awaits. Sukhumvit Plaza, one of Bangkok’s oddest architectural eyesores between Soi 10 and Soi 12, is also home to two floors of Korean restaurants, markets and specialty item stores. Informally ... read more

  • Bon Chon Chicken
    3.5 stars


    2nd Fl Seenspace 13, Thong Lor Soi 13, Thong Lor (Sukhumvit Soi 55)
    T: (02) 185.2361

    Bon Chon has a history of making a splash when this Korean fried chicken restaurant first opens in a new city — but how would it fare in Bangkok, a city with a pretty amazing fried chicken tradition of its own? Whether its roaring popularity has to do with young Thai's fascination with all ... read more

Sukhumvit - Indian and Middle Eastern

  • Indus
    4 stars

    High end Indian

    71 Sukhumvit Soi 26, Sukhumvit Rd
    T: (02) 258 4900

    Indian food in many countries has laboured to get out of the ethnic cheap eats category of cuisine. While in Thailand Indian food has always been a bit of a spend compared to other options, it took Indus to make Bangkok sit up and take notice of how amazing this cuisine can be when prepared by the ... read more

  • Mrs. Balbir's
    4 stars

    A fixture in Bangkok for over 30 years

    155/1-2 Sukhumvit Soi 11/1, Sukhumvit Rd
    T: (02) 651 0498

    Mrs. Balbir has been a fixture in Bangkok for over 30 years, starting with cooking classes in her home. Her eponymous dining room is modern and airy, and the kitchen puts out solid (if slightly pricey) Punjabi and Northern Indian cuisine. The lamb rogan josh and chicken tikka masala are both ... read more

  • Moghul Room
    4 stars

    Good value for money.

    1/16 Sukhumvit Soi 11, Sukhumvit Rd (enter the small sub soi across from the Ambassador Hotel on Soi 11)
    T: (02) 253 4465

    The Moghul Room is a solid choice on Sukhumvit Soi 11 for some excellent North Indian food. The menu is heavily Punjabi, but also includes some Kashmiri influences as well as some Indian-Chinese dishes. The peshawari kebabs and Punjabi gosht karrahi are both excellent, and good vegetarian ... read more

  • Shahrazad Restaurant
    4 stars

    Makes a mean hummus

    6/8 Sukhumvit Soi 3/1, Sukhumvit Soi 3
    T: (02) 251 3666

    Located in the middle of the most Arab part of Bangkok, Shahrazad roasts lamb and chicken. It also crushes eggplant for baba ghanoush, and makes a mean hummus drizzled with olive oil and sumac powder, served with a stack of crispy naan still soft on the inside. The dining room looks like ... read more

  • Khana Khazana
    3.5 stars

    Does not fail to satisfy

    153 Sukhumvit Soi 11/1, Sukhumvit Rd
    T: (02) 255 2298

    This pure vegetarian restaurant does not fail to satisfy. Dosa come off the griddle crispy and savoury, wrapped around a perfectly spiced potato and vegetable masala. North Indian paneer is seared and then simmered in a bright green saag (spinach curry). Navratan Korma hits just the right sweet ... read more

Sukhumvit - European

  • Pala Pizza Romana
    4 stars

    Great pizza Roman style

    Corner of Asoke and Sukhumvit road between Sukhumvit MRT and Asok BTS stations, Bangkok
    T: (02) 591 2289

    We spotlighted a few of Bangkok’s best pizza joints some time ago, but that was before Pala Pizza Romana hit the scene in 2012. This casual, easy-to-reach restaurant brims with red, white and green goodness and has since become our go-to spot when an Italian craving needs quenching. ... read more

  • L'Opera Italian Restaurant
    4 stars

    Still going strong

    53 Sukhumvit Soi 39, Sukhumvit Rd
    T: (02) 258 5606

    This place is a Bangkok tradition still going strong today. Somewhat difficult to walk to (it's about 800 meters up Soi 39 from Sukhumvit Rd), L'Opera has a solid if uninspiring Italian menu that features standard antipasti, pasta preparations, and roasted meats. The food is well prepared and ... read more

  • Fat Fish Bistro
    4 stars

    French-inspired dishes

    20/4 Sukhumvit 31, Sukhumvit Rd
    T: (02) 261 2056

    Fat Fish offers a menu of modern, French-inspired dishes showcasing fish in all its varieties. The dining room is simple and modern, and seems appropriate to the aims of the kitchen: uncomplicated, delicious food. The weekly menu keeps things fresh and allows the chef to constantly provide ... read more

  • La Buca Italian Restaurant
    4 stars

    Damn good pasta

    220/4 Soi Sukhumvit 1, Sukhumvit Rd 
    T: (02) 253 3190

    Sometimes you just need some damn pasta. Oreste Casorati understands. A cook for twenty-five years in Europe and the Middle East, he opened La Buca in 2002 and has slowly built a client base of people who come back because they need his pasta, his damn good pasta. The food is classic northern ... read more

  • Govinda
    3.5 stars

    Great vege food

    6/5/6/6 Sukhumvit Soi 22, Sukhumvit Rd
    T: (02) 663 4970

    Govinda is an odd duck on the Bangkok food scene. With the name of an Indian god, it's a relaxed Italian bistro that only serves vegetarian fare. The food is great, and no one misses the meat, with excellent eggless pasta hand rolled in the kitchen, excellent pizza, and gnocci that are some of ... read more

  • Bella Napoli
    3.5 stars

    Excellent pizza

    3/1 Sukhumvit Soi 31, Sukhumvit Rd
    T: (02) 259 0405

    By Bangkok standards, the pizza and pasta served at Bella Napoli will surely please. Set in a fittingly dim dining room, it's a great choice for a non-pretentious Italian dining experience. It's also a great choice for gorging on crispy dough and real mozzarella. ... read more

  • Tilac German Restaurant
    3.5 stars

    Stick to German

    38 Soi Suhkumvit 1, Sukhumvit Rd
    T: (02) 255.6881

    Wake up this morning with a craving for blood sausage served with sauerkraut and a fried egg as breakfast? No? Weird. Tilac German Restaurant serves up classic German fare like the previously mentioned blutwurst mit sauerkraut as well as schnitzel, currywurst, and plenty of fried things. Tilac ... read more

Sukhumvit - International

  • No pic at the moment -- Sorry!

    New York Steakhouse
    4 stars

    If you've got the cash to burn

    Mezzanine, JW Marriot Bangkok, 4 Sukhumvit Rd (at Soi 2)
    T: (02) 656 7700 ext 4240

    If you've got the cash to burn, this is one of the best steaks you are going to find in Bangkok. The beef is dry aged American grass-fed that is flown in weekly, and the price reflects that. Tucked away on the mezzanine level of the JW Marriot Bangkok, the décor is leather and dark paneling, ... read more

  • Crêpes & Co.
    4 stars

    A hit with the Bangkok brunch crowd

    18 Sukhumvit Soi 12
    T: (02) 653 3990

    Opened in 1996, this crêperie has been a consistent favourite with the Bangkok brunch crowd. Serving a menu of faithful variations on the humble crêpe, there is also a weekly menu featuring classic French dishes. It's a bit on the spendy side, but the food is very well prepared and lunch ... read more

  • Charlie Brown's Mexican Cantina
    3.5 stars

    Excellent margaritas

    1/23 Sukhumvit Soi 11, Sukhumvit Rd (enter the small sub soi across from the Ambassador Hotel)
    T: (02) 651 2215

    Charlie's Cantina opened in 1992 to bring sustenance to a city hungry for Mexican food. OK, well maybe it was expat and travelling North Americans who were hungry, but either way, Charlie's Cantina served it up. The menu reads like an edited version (a good, concise edit) of many tex-mex ... read more

  • Sunrise Tacos
    3.5 stars

    Open 24 hours

    234 / 5-6 Sukhumvit Rd (between Soi 12 & 14)
    T: (02) 229 4851

    This Mexican restaurant provides all the Tex-mex standards to fill that taco shaped hole in your stomach. Taco plates, enchiladas (both rojo and verde, as well as suizas), and melty, spicy nachos are spot on, especially when washed down with a margarita. Not as authentic as La Monita, but it ... read more

  • V8 Diner
    3 stars

    Open 24 hours, cheap drinks

    284 Sukhumvit Rd (between Soi 12 & 14)
    T: (02) 229 4453 

    This diner is good for only two things: it serves a good breakfast 24 hours a day, and it has ridiculously cheap drinks from 13:00 - 01:00. Kitted out it a faux Route 66 décor, it's hilariously tacky, but in a fun way. Their menu is half American highway rest stop food: hamburgers, hot dogs, ... read more

Sukhumvit - Pubs, bars and clubs

  • Q Bar
    4.5 stars

    Possibly Bangkok's best club

    34 Sukhumvit Soi 11, Sukhumvit Rd
    T: (02) 252 3274

    Q Bar is quite possibly Bangkok's best club. Intimate and rarefied without being exclusive, it's richly decorated bar and lounge set the mood for an evening of good liquor and smooth beats laid down by excellent DJs. Music varies by night, but is solidly lounge house with some hip-hop and ... read more

  • No pic at the moment -- Sorry!

    Sukhumvit Soi 11
    4 stars

    Always a good time

    Sukhumvit Soi 11, Bangkok

    There can’t be many cities in the world that boast entire streets dedicated to entertainment, but Bangkok – being a notorious party town – has several, including backpacker haven Khao San Road, Soi Cowboy and Patpong, which are geared towards sex tourists, and Royal City Avenue, which is ... read more

  • Bar 23
    4 stars

    Is it open?

    Sukhumvit Soi 16
    T: (080) 264 4471

    “Is it open?” If I had a baht for every time I heard someone ask that when we pulled up in a taxi to Bangkok’s Bar 23, I’d have enough to kit the bar out with enough toilet paper to last the entire night. ... read more

  • Firehouse Pub & Restaurant
    4 stars

    Great big burgers

    3/26 Soi Sukhumvit 11, Bangkok
    T: (02) 651 3643

    Bangkok’s bountiful Thai food keeps us happy 99% of the time, but every so often, a craving for a good old-fashioned burger hits us. Like most international foods, Bangkok has no shortage of burgers that run from Big Macs up to gourmet patties with imported beef. Seeking something in-between, we ... read more

  • Shades of Retro
    4 stars

    Unusual beats and fixed gear bikes

    808/12 Soi Tararom 2, Sukhumvit 55 Rd, Bangkok
    T: (02) 714 9450

    Bangkok, furniture and tat stores seem to go hand in hand with cool drinking venues. The city is full of them, and Shades of Retro is one of the coolest. ... read more

  • Demo
    4 stars

    A hit

    Thong Lor Soi 10 next to Funky Villa, behind Muse
    T: (085) 250 2000

    More gritty-hipster-Brooklyn than rich-high-society-Bangkok, this club has been a hit since the doors opened. The industrial feel of the exposed brick-and-beams really works in this space, and blessedly the designers left enough room for a real dance floor. Out front is a deck for socializing and ... read more

  • House of Beers
    4 stars

    Go for the beers

    522/3 Soi 16, Thong Lor (Sukhumvit Soi 55)
    T: (02) 392 3153

    House of Beers was opened by a Belgian beer distributor to showcase he wares and to date has one of the largest Belgian beer selections in Thailand. Over 35 brews are available (with their appropriate accompanying glass ware!), but Chang, Leo, and Heineken have been banned from the building. It's ... read more

  • Mellow
    4 stars

    Enjoy the vibe

    Penny's Landing, Soi 16, Sukhumvit Soi 55 (Thong Lor)
    T: (02) 390 4655

    This bar's clean lines and minimalist wooden interior are inviting and warm, but that's not really why people come to this neighbourhood bar: it's to have a drink, a bite, and to enjoy the vibe. The cocktail selection is interesting, ranging from classic mixed drinks to shochu-based cocktails. ... read more

  • Rabbits 3 Karaoke
    4 stars

    Best in town

    Asok Tower Building, Asoke Rd
    T: (02) 261 2593

    For the record, before I moved to Asia I hated karaoke. Hated with a capital H. I grew up on the prairies where karaoke was someone named Lurleen screaming a country song about divorcing a dog into a microphone while everyone drank themselves to heaven. There’s something supremely unsettling ... read more

  • Cheap Charlie's
    4 stars

    No pooping

    Sukhumvit Soi 11, just past Zanzibar on subsoi on the left
    T: (02) 253 4648

    It’s late. You’ve been pounding the streets of Bangkok all day and you need a drink or six. You turn out your pockets and find a measly 500 baht. Never fear; this is Bangkok. Cheap drinks can be had. If you’re looking for a little more atmosphere than chugging bottles of Chang outside ... read more

  • The Iron Fairies
    3.5 stars

    Magical underworld

    394 Thong Lor Rd, Bangkok
    T: (084) 425 8080

    Ever feel like not having a night in Southeast Asia? No really, every once in a while you might want something that doesn’t involve fish sauce or karaoke or being sweaty. Whether you have been travelling for awhile and need a break from beer and buckets, or are just curious about what lovely ... read more

  • VW bus bars
    3.5 stars

    Cheap, fun, vintage

    Sukhumvit Soi 11, Bangkok

    VW bars are converted Volkswagen buses with staff operating the cocktail shakers from inside. Decorated with neon fairy lights, disco balls and impressive sound systems blaring out the latest pop hits, they’re a noticeable addition to Bangkok party street Sukhumvit Soi 11. ... read more

  • Marshmallow
    3.5 stars

    Hip spot, great cocktails

    33/18 Sukhumvit Soi 11
    T: (02) 254 197

    Sukhumvit Soi 11 is bursting with newish high-end bars and restaurants, including Marshmallow, which opened its doors in early 2012. If you have something a little more respectable than flip-flops and harem pants to wear, you might want to venture into Bangkok’s hi-so (that’s high society for ... read more

  • Levels
    3.5 stars

    Fresh three-room club

    6th Floor, Aloft Hotel, Sukhumvit Soi 11
    T: (082) 308 3246

    You’ll never be short of somewhere to drink on Sukhumvit Soi 11 and there seems to be a continual increase in the number of new bars and clubs opening their doors. Competition is stiff, but Levels is proving to be one of the most successful launches. Hop in the lift to the sixth floor at Aloft ... read more

  • Spot On
    3.5 stars

    Just like the beach

    Thong Lor Soi 10, Bangkok
    T: (082) 488 0169

    There’s nothing nicer than sinking your feet into deep sand, feeling the breeze ruffle your hair and sipping on a fruity cocktail. Well, that’s the thinking behind Spot On, a newcomer on the buzzing Thong Lo nightlife scene, anyway. ... read more

  • Above Eleven
    3.5 stars

    Reasonably priced rooftop bar

    33/F, Fraser Suites Sukhumvit, 38/8 Sukhumvit Soi 11, Bangkok
    T: (02) 207 9300

    Rooftop bars are Bangkok’s specialty. But unless you’ve got an awful lot of cash to flash, most people are limited to sipping on one expensive cocktail, taking the obligatory tourist snaps and then heading back down in the lift. Above Eleven is a little different ... read more

  • Bourbon Street Bangkok
    3.5 stars

    A real taste of New Orleans

    Sukhumvit Soi 63 (Ekkamai), Bangkok
    T: (023) 816 8013

    If you think about it, Bangkok and New Orleans have quite a few things in common. Both are hot, flat cities prone to serious flooding. Both are set along major rivers that feed into major gulfs, each of which teem with shrimp. Both are cultural centres and premier nightlife destinations. And, most ... read more

  • Glow Club
    3.5 stars

    A pretty cool underground lounge

    96/4-5 Sukhumvit Soi 23. Take your first right on Soi 23,then your first left, located on the left-hand side
    T: (02) 261 4446

    Glow is trying to provide an underground club experience in Bangkok, and it's partially succeeding. The underground lounge space is actually pretty cool and has a good bar to keep the edge off things, but the music selection and DJ roster can be a bit confusing sometimes. Their sound system is ... read more

  • The Australian
    3.5 stars

    A sports bar with more

    37 Sukhumvit Soi 11, Sukhumvit Rd
    T: (02) 651 0800

    As devoted to sport as the Lucky Country itself is, this large bar has pool upstairs and a plethora of flat-screens tuned to broadcasts of Aussie-rules football, rugby, and as always, the Cricket. Aussie beers Pure Blonde and Victoria Bitter amongst others are on tap alongside regional brews ... read more

  • Nest
    3.5 stars

    Popular hangout for trendy young things

    Rooftop, LeFenix Hotel, 33/33 Sukhumvit Soi 11, Sukhumvit Rd, Bangkok
    T: (02) 305 4000

    Typically, the purpose of a rooftop bar is to experience the cool breeze of the heady heights of the 66th (or another ridiculously high) floor and enjoy incredible cityscapes. Bangkok’s Nest, the rooftop lounge at Le Fenix Hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 11, doesn’t really offer much fresh breeze, nor ... read more

  • No pic at the moment -- Sorry!

    3.5 stars

    Plenty of space to dance like you mean it

    234 Sukhumvit Rd (Entrance either through V8 Diner off Sukhumvit Rd between Soi 12 and 14, or about 50 metres down Soi 12 on the left)
    T: (02) 653 2923

    Insomnia is a popular club in Pattaya that opened a space in Bangkok in November 2010. It is a big, black warehouse looking structure with a booming sound system and plenty of space to dance like you mean it. The front door staff is a bit of a mess — your correspondent has waited fifteen ... read more

  • Irish and English pubs in Sukhumvit
    3 stars

    Plenty to choose from

    If you're looking to go somewhere cosier than Glow’s dance floor on a Friday night, you can always head to one of Bangkok’s world-famous pubs. No, I jest. Pubs are like pizzerias in Bangkok – keep your expectations low, your stomach empty, and you will be pleasantly, if not moderately, ... read more

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