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Ao Hin Khok and Ao Phai

Some of Samet's most notable restaurants and bars are found on the twin beaches of Ao Hin Khok and Ao Phai.

With dark wood tables set on the sand under a massive casuarina tree lit with colourful lanterns, Jep's is one of the most alluring spots to eat on Ko Samet. The huge menu has Thai and Western standards, but also a few Indian, Mexican and Japanese dishes. This is one of the only places on Samet where you'll find cakes and other baked goods of reasonable quality to go with fresh coffee and a full bar. At night, Jep's barbecue excels, with a range of Indian and Korean dishes in addition to the standard beef, chicken and seafood kebabs. Service is usually slow and sometimes haphazard, so expect a leisurely meal.

On the opposite side of Ao Hin Khok, Naga Bar is like Jep's unruly younger sibling. Set on a hill overlooking the sand, Naga has a younger, more party-oriented atmosphere with a long list of beers and cocktails. During happy hours from 03:00 to 09:30, most single cocktails go for 80 baht and specialty buckets like 'Orgasm' and 'Long Island' run 300. If you're on a budget, the cheapest Thai whiskey with Coke runs just 100 baht per bucket. While the music is typical of any Thai tourist bar, Naga's pool table, small dance floor, picnic tables and hammocks make it a good place to meet other travellers. Should you not like your new friends, invite them for a round in the on-site muay Thai ring that opens in the early evenings.

After getting things started at Naga, many younger travellers head to nearby Reggae Bar to let it all hang out until the wee morning hours. With every inch decked out in red, yellow and green, this Rasta-themed spot has a big stone terrace to go with a dance floor and live reggae music on weekends. Whether you have dreadlocks or not, you can karaoke 'No Woman No Cry' to your hearts content once the band stops playing. The bar does the usual trade of cold beer and reasonably priced cocktail favourites.

Covered by an enormous concrete awning on Ao Phai, Silver Sand's bar is a very happening spot, especially on weekends. Get here early for lots of great drinks specials, including buckets, but also more refined mojitos and martinis. This gay-friendly spot gets going around midnight with a DJ, hip bartenders, backpackers and Thai college students -- a good mix of people overall. They have a dance floor, tables and mats on the beach, and a stand that serves burgers, grilled meatballs, noodles and assorted other snacks till 03:00.

Other than Silver Sand, Ao Phai is home to a relatively cheap nightly barbecue at Sea Breeze, and the usual beach vendors make the rounds here throughout the day.

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