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Chaiyaphum isn't much of a foodie destination, so don't come expecting top Thai cuisine. The night bazaar and night market have a fair range of stalls to tuck in to at night, while the stalls that congregate around the 7-eleven on Non Muang Road serve up typical but pleasing grilled skewers and the like.

During the day, a row of stalls congregates all in a very uniform line towards the western end of Bannakan Road, on the left hand side headed in the direction of Siam River Resort. They all sell much the same thing, but it's a good spot to pick up some giant Isaan-sized gai yaang (grilled chicken) skewers — they look like they've got practically a whole chicken on each stick — and fresh fruit.

The only restaurant of any real note is Lady Restaurant, which serves up dead good fried sweet and sour tilapia — the yellow curry isn't bad either. Vegetarians should head to Jae Hai Tek on Tantawan Road.

There are plenty of coffee shops in Chaiyaphum, the perfect pit-stop for a quick pick-me-up. Most have English menus outside, or at the very least a picture of a steaming latte to let you know you are barking up the right tree. We've a soft spot for friendly CEO Coffee, a cute little number tucked just inside the entrance to the grounds of Siam River Resort — this pleasantly decorated spot has friendly staff and surprisingly good coffee.

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