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Nine Cool Coffee is a hip coffee shop, located just down Traffic Light Street (see Orientation) across from Khao Soi Parichat, serves up delicious coffee, tea, juices and a rather large assortment of cakes and sweets. The shop is quite popular, and you'll frequently see employees running out to deliver coffee to Fang's drowsy locals. As such, take-out menus are available, though WiFi in the shop is fast and free, so you may be better served to simply post up in one of the comfortable chairs or couches and surf the web while enjoying something caffeinated and something sweet.

Cottage Restaurant is the only higher-end standalone restaurant in Fang — with the quality (and prices) to prove it. Located on the main road, the restaurant looks rather small from outside, but opens up into a large dining area and courtyard. Complete with stage and live music, Cottage has a rather large, well-organised menu, complete with very good English translations. House favourites are marked with stars, and include several common stand-bys as well as creative adaptations and local specialties. The bar is well stocked with quality wines and spirits, though the costs for some are enough to make your average backpacker feel faint. Despite the high prices, there are still several moderately priced options on the menu, which makes Cottage a fine location for eating, drinking and merrymaking — especially if you've got a slightly fatter wallet.

About 15 metres from the intersection of Thanon Chotana and Traffic Light Street (see Orientation), Khao Soi Parichat is a local favourite, and deservedly so. As the name implies, this fairly large, open restaurant has excellent and rather inexpensive khao soi, along with noodle soup and a few other Thai favourites. If you're not in the mood for noodles, try the chicken with rice, or the less commonly seen gao lao, which is essentially noodle soup minus the noodles, and very delicious with a side of rice. In addition to the eats, the Thai iced tea and iced coffee are particularly satisfying, and will only set you back around 15 baht. Little English is spoken, but the staff are quick to bring out the English menu when they see a foreigner coming. All in all a must-try for those craving khao soi, or simply looking to sample the local fare in a cheap, accessible location.

If you follow Traffic Light Street (see Orientation) northwest from the main road, you will come to another four-way intersection, that of Traffic Light Street and Moo 4, the road that Phumanee Home Hotel occupies to the east of the intersection. Here you will find BB Bar, along with a host of other restaurants and watering holes. The area is quite popular with locals, who come for a meal or a drink, and usually to watch whatever football match is playing that night. Just like the rest of Fang, the bars do close relatively early, though may stay open after midnight if there are enough customers. Each bar and restaurant is its own entity, and prices/menus vary from place to place. Best to come and have a look around at what suits your taste, but it's hard to go wrong.

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