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Tha Ton

There are a number of very good options around town when it comes to dining, though most shops in Tha Ton close promply at 20:00.

For starters, most guesthouses and resorts have restaurants on site, usually serving food and drink from breakfast through to dinner. Though prices are generally slightly high across the board, the quality often justifies the price, and the riverside views offered by locales such as Apples, Khunmai Baan Suan and Tha Ton Garden provide excellent vantage points to take in the lovely Tha Ton sunsets. (The Best View Award goes to Apples.)

There are also several good spots to choose from along the main road south of the bridge, a couple of which even offer token Western fare, and are targeted toward foreign visitors. Aside from these, there are several excellent choices for both standard Thai and Northern-style dishes, and while most are not terribly English-friendly, language barriers are usually easily overcome, especially if you know your way around a Thai menu.

If you're searching for your morning cup of coffee, an easy starting point is the Coffee Mug, just a few metres down the soi towards the boat office. Here you can find fresh coffee and tea, though be warned that prices are slightly high. They often have coffee and snack combo specials on offer though, making the cost just about worth it. Internet is also available in the shop, as well as next door in the internet cafe.

A few kilometres west of town, there is good coffee on offer at the TAP Orchard. Here you can also buy oranges fresh from the adjacent orchard, or take a walk through a contrived but rather charming garden area. The garden includes a mini zoo, consisting of a large caged area housing a herd of bunnies — worth a look at the very least.

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