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Nan has an excellent range of restaurants and watering holes. Stop by one of the several markets, downtown eateries, or riverside bars for a delicious taste of Thailand.

  • Huen Jao Nang
    4 stars

    Good food, great view

    Riverside, opposite the city, north of the bridge

    On the opposite side of the river from downtown Nan, this book should not be judged by its cover. The restaurant might almost be overlooked, as the entrance is nearly overgrown with bamboo, and it shares its lot with a very rundown park/playground. However, the inside and riverside deck of Huen Jao ... read more

  • Hohng Guaytiow
    4 stars

    Best noodles in town

    Unsignposted soi on Mahawong Road, opposite Mahawong Soi 1
    T: (088) 803 8810

    This well-signed noodle shop, hidden just off of Mahawong road, delivers more than your average soup stand. Along with the standard meatballs, they also offer beef, an option that you shouldn’t pass on. The flavour is rich and unique, and a welcome change from the status quo. Portions are a bit ... read more

  • Hot Bread
    4 stars

    Perfect breakfast spot

    Suriyapong Rd

    We almost disregarded this small restaurant as a weak attempt at tourist-friendly fare, the sort of which are a dime-a-dozen in Thailand. It turned out to be quite the contrary. Hot Bread does indeed serve up fresh, house made bread (toasted if you like) along with full western breakfast sets to ... read more

  • Local Markets
    4 stars

    A taste of Thailand, any time you need it

    Around town

    There are several markets around town, and a bit of exploration will yield rewarding discoveries. The best of the bunch, however, is the Morning Market on Kha Luang road, not far from the river. Here you will find not only the fresh ingredients and produce that morning markets usually specialize ... read more

  • Gad Nan
    4 stars

    Best bar scene in town

    Mahayod Rd

    When the sun goes down and the University students come out, Gad Nan comes to life. By day, it is a docile shopping cul-de-sac, with a few clothing and art shops worth checking out if you are passing by and happen to notice the big sign out front. However, it boasts no fewer than five different ... read more

  • Tuang Tip
    4 stars

    Riverside music

    Riverside, Nokham Road

    Clustered along with a couple other restaurants on the riverside at the end of Nokham Road, Tuang Tip’s menu was the best of the bunch, with a very wide variety and excellent English translations. It seems their specialty is fish, and they offer many different varieties and preparation styles. ... read more

  • Poom 3
    3.5 stars

    Unique curries

    Anantaworarittidet Rd

    This centrally located restaurant gains recognition from its delicious and unique curries, particularly the Masaman Curry. Oddly enough, we did not see this item on the English language menu, but we did see it on all the posters up around the restaurant and in several advertisements around town. ... read more

  • Raan Rak Koon
    3.5 stars

    Open-air riverside dining

    T: (083) 763 3305

    As the sun begins to set, this restaurant materializes on the bank of the Nan river just south of the main bridge. While there are several good riverside options, this one is able to keep prices low by saving money on rent and upkeep; all they need is a kitchen and some portable furniture. Indeed, ... read more

  • De Dario's
    3.5 stars

    Get your Farang food fix

    Off of Mahayot Rd Unsign-posted road, but with signs for De Dario’s

    On an unmarked road (north of the Nissan dealership on Mahayot) lies this small, out-of-the-way restaurant. Here, you’ll find a wide array of options, the highlight of which being the western food. The pizzas in particular seem a good value, ranging from 110-160 Baht for a personal pie. The ... read more

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