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The city of Phayao, particularly the section next to the lake, is brimming with restaurants, bars and coffee shops. Your average out-of-the-way Thai town food scene it is not, and while you are in Phayao, you can be sure you will not go hungry. It is frankly hard to go wrong if you just head down to Chai Kwan Road on the lakeside and explore the general area, but here are a few worthy spots to get you started.

  • Khao Soi Seng Pian
    4.5 stars

    Among the khao soi elite

    Tha Kwan Road

    Just off the lakeside stretch on Tha Kwan Road, this little gem serves up some of the best khao soi we've had at one the cheapest prices we've ever paid. ... read more

  • Lakeside bar scene
    4 stars

    Bars, bars and more bars

    Chai Kwan Rd

    Once the sun goes down and the grilled fish restaurants put out their coals, the Chai Kwan Road bar scene sparks to life. ... read more

  • Lakeside grilled fish
    4 stars

    Phayao's signature meal


    After a short walk down Phayao's waterfront, you will notice a trend in the restaurants that line Chai Kwan Road: there's a whole lot of grilling going on. ... read more

  • Cupcake
    4 stars

    Satisfy your sweet tooth

    Chai Kwan Rd

    This attractive little cafe is tucked away in the back of a peaceful garden lot on Chai Kwan Rd. ... read more

  • Markets and street food
    4 stars

    Something to eat morning, noon or night

    Phayao has a few excellent markets, the biggest of which is smack-dab in the centre of town. ... read more

  • No pic at the moment -- Sorry!

    Taowit Pizza Shop
    3.5 stars

    Maybe the only Western food in town

    Tha Kwan Rd

    Opposite the highly recommended Khao Soi Seng Pian on Tha Kwan Road, Taowit Pizza specialises in thin crust pizza ... read more

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